Our online traffic is growing every month and because of this, we started to receive requests about advertisement during the last months of 2021. We have decided to offer ads and backlinks at a reasonable price level with low monthly cost. If you make money, we make money.

It's really that simple. Let's grow together!


We have the joy of offering you the front banner placement at the top of the front page of the latest articles in SG blog. This is a very visible banner placement and will drive traffic your way. The price for the head banner is only 125 USD a month. If you need help to create a banner, this is included in the price. 

The image size we use is 940 x 726. Note that this is a no-follow link. We only run 3 different rotating ads at the time.

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You have created amazing content, but you’re not getting any organic traffic to your website.

All you need to do to attract visitors is create great content, right? 


Even if you’re creating fantastic content, it doesn’t mean search engines automatically notice it. 

Building backlinks is one of the best strategies to boost traffic and domain authority. As a website owner, you must learn how to get backlinks to your website. We offer permanent backlinks in our blogposts for only $114 pr link.

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