Zero Tolerance Girl Love Cards

Updated: Jan 7

The All In Girl

The year was 1981 and that summer was brutal in New York. The room was filled with smoke and the four gangsters were playing cards. They could feel the temperature rise. One million in the pot! This was unheard of. The little club was a waterhole that the rich men used to escape from their wives. Usually they set the limit at two hundred thousand and this with ample . Every now and then someone raised the bar but it was seldom that it happened. The guys were getting old and not in a hurry. But this night was different. A woman had suddenly walked in and placed at bottle of Lagavulin on the table and a bag of cash. I want to fucking play, she said, and spat on the floor. The guys looked at one another. Certainly miss..? Bruno Castello had risen from his chair and smiled at the newcomer. She was wearing a trench coat with a double breasted belt and the black hair was a tangle of messy curls that covered half of her face. I am Rita! She looked at the four men for a second and then gave them a strange but charming smile. Her breasts were full under the small black teddy. She opened the whisky bottle and it was passed around the table.

Her age was hard to guess. She looked like she was thirty but the small, fine lines around her mouth revealed that she could be closer to forty. Her eyes were hazy grey and the lips thin and pink in the dim lit room. You want to play? Her words lingered in the air until Bruno laughed. Ok. Let's roll. The woman sat down and before any of the guys could say anything, she had broken the zeal on a brand new pack of cards. What the fuck is that, asked Martin Jensen from the other side of the table. He had stacked the chips ready and was on his way to pick up the regular deck of cards. This my friend, is a deck of cards that will rock your world. Let's say that they offer more entertainment. She started flicking the cards around the table with a experienced hand.

Zero Tolerance Girl Love Cards? Bruno Castello grinned. Well, why not? As long as the cards are not marked and you don't cheat, we're good. No worries, I am hardcore! The guys all laughed this time. But the game went very differently than the usual games played in the club. Rita cleaned them all out by playing crazy hands and she went all in at almost every hand. The gangsters were amused at first but when they started to lose money they grew restless. Rita could feel the change in the men. Then she smiled after playing too straight. I am all in. One million in the pot. It got dead quiet and no one said a word. Suddenly five detectives appeared out of thin air. You are all under arrest! Rita collected the cash from the table. Thank you for your donations. Bruno Castello was trying to sneak out through a back door but was quickly apprehended by a big detective. At least you got to play with a different set of cards. You can buy them online from stuffgoodies. Or adult toys, if that is your thing. The detectives all smiled. The small band of gangsters soon learned that the bar had been bugged for a long time.

See you on jail you motherfuckers. She lit a cigarette and walked out of the club with their money!

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