How Long Does It Take For Women To Orgasm?

Updated: Jan 10

There are myths and taboos about this topic but now a research team has been exploring

long it takes for women to climax during intercourse, having undertaken a recent study - however for many, it turns out that they don't at all.

The participating women were asked to have sex as usual with their partners, but to make one change: once they moved on from foreplay to intercourse, they were asked by the researchers to start the stopwatches on their phones in order to time how long it took them to come to climax.

For those who were able to reach climax, the average time was 15 minutes, however the study showed it varies from five minutes to twenty five minutes.

However, only less than a third of the 700 women involved in the nine-week long study were able to orgasm at all - 75 percent never reached climax purely from intercourse at all over the course of the study.

There was no particular trend in the women who didn't orgasm: their age, education, income, marital status, relationship duration, or frequency of intercourse weren't factors.

The researchers concluded that stimulation was the common success factor to reach an orgasm.

Although the penis plays a big part of the path for women to orgasm, using hands and stimulating the body, kissing and eating the vagina, seems to be the best road to make a woman climax hard.