What is a Layons Stimulator? Satisfyer Layons Pleasure

Updated: Jan 7

The rain was poring down outside the café in the small street of Le Marais in Paris.

Two old friends were sharing a bottle of good red wine. They were both retired, but had worked in the Louvre for many years and now they were catching up on each others lives and secrets. Louise Marden had retired two years before her friend Janet Seawell and had just turned seventy years old. Janet was sixty eight but still light on her feet with a twinkle in her eyes and a deep lust for life. But her friend was not looking good. Louise had lost her husband almost twenty years back and a part of her had died back then. This part could not be replaced by anyone and she had not really never tried to find another man. Her skin was still pretty smooth. But it was her eyes that Janet kept looking into that seemed to be joyless. But she was at least laughing at Janet's jokes and she started to get tipsy from the wine. Jane suddenly got an idea. When was the last time you had sex Louise? Janet smiled at her. Louise opened her mouth wide. Sex? I am way too old for that. Are you joking? Then she reflected for a while. Let's see, that must have been some years before Lionel died. His member was still working with Viagra but the sex was not very good anyway. He never really learned about my needs. Janet was surprised, by the candid answer and poured them both more wine into the handsome glasses. The street was pretty quiet. The café was buzzing with laughter. So, when was the last time you had an orgasm then? The question seemed to hang in the air forever. Louise looked at her candidly. I never had one! What? Yes, I have never had one. Not even when masturbating? Jane looked at her and raised an eyebrow. I stopped doing that when I met Lionel but I never quite got the hang of it! Jane was flabbergasted. You never came? Not even once? Don't tell the whole world. Lower you voice. Louise hissed at her and looked down at the wooden table, then went outside to smoke a cigarette. When she got back Jane looked at her phone and rose from the table. Listen Louise, I got to go. But I hope to see you soon. I will send you something and when I do, you must follow my instructions. Do you promise? It was lovely to see you again. Louise nodded and drank some more wine while Jane exited the café and entered a taxi. The next day Louise was hung over. She had too much red wine and her head hurt. She decided to stay in bed. After eating take away and sleeping, she noticed the SMS on her iPhone. Loise dear, I am sending my daughter over with something for you, just like I promised. She will be at you apartment at three o'clock. Louise had completely forgotten about that. What in the world was Jane up to? Precisely at three her doorbell rang twice. Minutes after Louise was sitting in her sofa and looking at the smooth box. Satisfyer Purple Pleasure. The writing was stylish. It kind of looked like a smartphone box. She decided to have a look inside. The Satisfyer Layons was purple and the shiny metallic surface completed the look. There was a small note inside the box also. Dear Louise, this is a really good stimulator for women. Just charge it and read the instructions. Then I want you to try it. It is perfectly body safe. Turn it on and lay back in bed and use it on your body. Start with your nipples and then move downwards to your vagina. You will understand when you try it. Louise looked at the Satisfyer. Well why the hell not, she said out loud in her flat that was lifeless, except for her cat Tarzan. She charged the Satisfyer until it was ready for use and then undressed. She looked at her body. It was still feminine and the bush above the Venus mound was still almost brown. Her breasts were small and firm. Not bad for an old woman, she thought. She laid back in the bed and looked at the ceiling. She then turned on the Satisfyer and let it touch her vagina. It was weird at first but then things quickly began to happen inside her body. Her nipples reacted and her hand gripped more firmly around the Satisfyer Layon. She started rubbing it harder on her clit. She could see a throbbing penis in her mind. It was her first love, Stephan. Her breath sped up and she changed the setting of the stimulator with a flip of her finger. Oh la la! Her body started to sing. And as the sun broke through the clouds outside her flat, the first orgasm of her life broke through the last barrier. It was devastating. She could not stop. The bed was shaking hard from her orgasms. The sweat poured from her skin. And then, she experienced multiple orgasms. For the first time in her life Louise Marden smiled for real!

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