Viben Obsession Intense Wand Massager

Got a Sore Neck? - Try Viben Obsession

Hello everyone, I trust you are doing well in these strange times we are going through.

This post is about the other beneficial uses of the Viben Obsession in which I have recently discovered, My work as an entrepreneur, visual creator, writer musician and being a father for a now two-year-old girl has really taken a toll on my body the during the last years and I struggle from time to time with a bad neck, headaches numb fingers and more. A regular workday for me online will be around 13 hours in total.

Because of me spending endless hours online creating and writing, I have not been sitting correctly and also loosing some of the muscles that I had when I was younger. I am sure I am not the only one out there experiencing this problem. I do work out, but not enough.

Furthermore, I use a physical therapist, and she is great, but sometimes she is not available, and I still have to work. So what to do? I was joking around with our CEO a while back about perhaps using the Viben Obsession for my sore neck. At first, I felt kind of stupid using a massager wand. After all, I am a man, but it felt good instantly, and I actually ended up using it on my arm, neck shoulders, and everywhere I have pains.

Check out my video above


JFK Løvlien