The Zolo Cup Heatstroke Is THE Sex Toy For Men!

Updated: Jan 11

Imagine this!

You are in a cab on your way home from work. You have an open minded wife who likes to experiment with sex toys both on her own and with you. But you also you have three children and the two of you are not getting enough sleep at all. When the dust finally settles at night all you want to do is to eat, relax in bed and watch Netflix. But this afternoon you have a smile on your face. Why? Because the new sex toy that you have purchased at Stuffgoodies is simply beyond. As the taxi cruises the streets of New York, you lean back in the back seat and you keep going back to when you first tested it.

The texture of the Zolo Cup Heatstroke was super realistic and so soft. Softer than your wife's vagina? No, but it was like fucking silk. Like hands of velvet massaging your member. And the heat! My God, the heat! As you got aroused your cock grew so hard, and it was almost on fire inside. The building heat your juice. The warming mode was insane. You kept looking at the LED lights that kept you updated exactly on what was happening. The vibrating pattern sent you into a trance. And it was then when you remembered the stroke counter. It kept tabs on how long you would last. And your endurance was not good the first time. You came too fast. But then you tried again and slowly mastered the skill of having more control of your member. You lasted longer and longer and the pleasure from the restraint was mind blowing. The next night you made love to your wife for three hours. You fucked her silly. And after, she just looked at you for a long time with respect in her brown eyes. Hell yeah! Not only was the Zolo Cup Heatstroke a Personal Trainer fucking good to you. But, you also improved in bed. And now you are on your way home to your woman. The kids are at grandma's. You have bought a great Pino and you have a date with your wife. You are feeling great. You are the man and you are in total control.

The ZOLO Heatstroke is a male masturbator with a warming function and is currently 25% OFF at You will be amazed over how easy it is to clean the Zolo Cup Heatstroke. The included travel bag makes sure you can take your Heatstroke anywhere!

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