The Surprise | Chapter 22

Updated: Feb 17

John Martin gazed out of the smooth glass window and enjoyed the white mellow clouds far above Rio de Janeiro. The sun was fading into the deep lava red crescendo exploding into a true marvel and the spectacle was reflected on the surface of his rounded white Bradley sunglasses. He was wearing a light fabric custom-made suit in black from The Tailored Man. He looked at his iPhone 13 and then leaned back in the brown comfortable, dynamic leather couch. Furthermore, he was traveling in his personal Air Bus 380, complete with the usual staff that took care of all his needs. Briefly the tall tanned stewardess, he liked, stopped by to let him know that they would soon start the descent. He nodded. Bring me my beige sandals will you, and a lemon caipirinha. Don't add lime. It just destroys the drink. Make it strong. He lit a Cohiba cigar while watching the tall Argentinian woman’s ass bounce under the white skirt while moving into the dining room further back in the plane. His private quarters were a big part of the plane, and it was of course all custom-made to fit his schedule. He removed his jacket. Brazil was always hot as fuck, but he enjoyed it when he was there. Something about the tempo and the colors, the laid back tempo that could explode into emotional drama at any given moment.

He glanced back at his iPhone. A major problem was waiting for him to solve, and he approached it like any other problem. Head on. No hesitation. The sexy stewardess returned with the drink and handed it to him. She then placed the sandals neatly in front of him. Anything else I can do for you, Mr Martin, she asked in a husky voice. He shook his head. I'm good. You look great. Thank you. Her smile was radiant through the crisp white teeth and the lips were red as lava. He looked into her big blue eyes and smiled. Good service here. She giggled and slung her long black hair backwards, and then left him. He sipped the drink while his brain played out the different scenarios and the impact it would cause on the world. He was aware of the entity and the danger of the sleeping virus cells. His daughter's SMS had been informative. This entity had to be destroyed fast.

His vaccines had promptly saved the world's population from inevitable doom, but he was not sure if the vaccine was strong enough to withstand this new threat. It was fascinating. Mingo had acted as a host for the highly mutated virus, and it had very rapidly grown into an entity of some kind with strange powers. He shrugged and drank more. Sounded like a comic book, but still it was real. The entity was with some local shaman that would attempt to destroy it. Martin had been granted landing very close to the Amazon by a friendly Bilderberg college who happened to own a very large, private airstrip in the area. From there, he would board a Seaplane to take him to where he needed to go. Being ultrarich was an advantage. His beard was slightly longer than usual, but he decided it fit him well as he looked into the mirrored image of himself in the window. He switched the shoes for sandals and covered himself with mosquito spray. He continued puffing the cigar and continued drinking as the plane landed smoothly.

Not long after that, he was drinking a ice-cold beer in the Seaplane. He decided not to bring a team of bodyguards with him. This was an issue that he needed to deal with himself. It was his own mess to clean up, and he'd better do it fast. It was late in the evening when the red Seaplane landed and Mingo, Lela and the driver were waiting for him on the pier when he exited the plane and gazed at the dark river connected to A Faca. He did not move as a 70-year-old man. John Martin's personal trainer was Russian and a true motherfucker. Lela ran over and gave him a hug.

He smiled back to his daughter. Her skin was brown as dark honey, and there was something else... Mingo shook his hand before he could put his finger on it. Damn good to see you, sir. He slapped Mingo on the back. Call me John, you are family now. And this must be the genius driver. I like you, young man. You know how to handle a car. The driver shook his hand. His grip was strong, but he was still surprised by the strength in the old man's hand. John Martin looked around. We have to sit down and figure out up with some kind of plan. Where is the bar?

When they arrived in the bar minutes later, Joanna Moses was there. She wore a light summer dress in red and her appearance was stunning.

So this is the infamous miss Moses… Martin took her hand and kissed it. She chuckled. And you are the rich motherfucker that started all of this shit. Yes I am, but at least it is fucking exiting, right. He grinned and ordered enough alcohol to sink a battleship. They were all seated around a big white table. Now, tell me everything you fucking know about this entity and it's whereabouts. Joanna downed a shot of whiskey and then got serious. The Magus lives in a small village deep in the jungle. She somehow crystallized the entity scull and took it with her. She is very powerful, and perhaps she has already killed it. Mingo joined in. Indeed, but I think we have to make sure. A 100% Lela agreed. But if she can't kill it, what the fuck can we do then? The driver as usual had put his finger on the heart of the problem. John Martin was listening and then spoke slowly. We can contain it, bring it to our lab and destroy it, using the Hydro Crusher. The others looked at him in silence. That is an option, but we have to find it first and see if this Magus can do the job. You guys have not experienced what she can do, but I have. Trust me, she is badass. They continued to debate the matter for a while, but none of them had a better idea of how to proceed than what Martin had proposed.. They continued drinking, and it soon became a small party. Joanna rolled a perfect joint of the local weed and gave it to Martin. You are an impressive old man, she said. Thank you, my dear. He blew a big cloud of grey smoke up towards the old wooden fan in the ceiling. How did you meet my daughter? We were on our way here through the jungle yesterday when we stumbled upon their camp. It soon became clear that our interests were aligned. I see, it's good to meet you, my dear. Likewise, she said. She was small but very feisty, he decided after having x-rayed her with his gaze. Did you just size me up, she asked innocently? I did. And what is the conclusion? He took another deep drag of the joint. I think that when this shit is sorted, I will marry you.

Joanna started coughing as soon as he let go of the sentence. The whiskey was stuck in her throat for a moment but she did her best to recover. You are going to marry me? Yes I am. He was looking straight at her, then he looked at her breasts. You are the one. You are a crazy old man. Lela warned me about you, but this shit is bonkers. She started laughing. I am truly surprised. Wait and see, he responded with a grin. His teeth were like those of a shark.