The Sisters | Dinner Is Served

The entrance hall was lit by five large chandeliers. The entire floor was covered by a dark blue rug and the ceiling was painted white. Although the resort was erected with wood chosen as the main material, the dominating color was gray. On the left side of the hall a chill out area had been created with great care, providing a large couch set in black leather by Grace, completed with a wide coffee table in walnut designed by Studio LIM + Lu. A white grand piano was strategically placed in the back of the room. On his right a glass lounge bar, complete with stainless steel chairs, created an inviting atmosphere. An Asian man materialized and greeted him warmly. Hello sir. You must be Leif Martin. I am Ronald. I was informed on your arrival. Furthermore, I trust you had a pleasant trip. It was interesting, Leif replied, the wolves still fresh in his mind. Good, the Asian man was bubbly as a fresh champagne. We usually pick up visitors, but this storm has made it impossible. We could not even use the helipad. I see grunted Leif. He cut off the Asian by asking for a Hip Hops beer. He rolled himself a smoke and lit it. There is actually no smoking, sir. I don't give a shit, I was almost mauled by wolves. Ah… The Asian was taken aback. He recovered, however, swiftly and continued. I will show you to your room, sir, but where is your luggage? I left it outside. No worries, I will fetch it now. Ronald left him, and Leif continued to smoke and drink the ice-cold beer. Quite a place. This was not what he had excepted at all. On Ronald's return, Leif inquired about how many guests that would be staying for Christmas Eve. Ah, yes. That would be Damian Steed, the rock star, Then there are the two sisters Graves and finally you sir. I see. Leif finished the beer and asked for another, in which Ronald seemed to almost conjure out of thin air. I will take you to your room, sir. Leif followed the little Asian up the flight of stairs, amused on how the man took great care of not getting any snow from the rucksack on his black suit. Pictures of celebrities hang on the walls as they proceeded up to the third floor. Here we are, sir. Ronald opened the door to his room. It was huge. Almost like a small apartment. Ronald fussed over a Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, other gadgets and showed Leif the fully stocked bar. On the floor was a polar bear rug, complete with the head, and the windows were large. Leif could see the blizzard raging outside. Any idea how long this storm will last? Ronald sighed. At least three days, sir. Leif nodded. Anyway, sir, the Asian continued, Miss Elisabeth is waiting for you by the swimming pool in the basement. Leif laughed. Ok my friend. Tell her that I will be there shortly. The swimming pool was stunning. The color of the azure blue water dominated the large underground pool area and was reflected onto the glass walls. Leif was wearing white swimming trunks, She was floating in the water like a lily. Then she swam slowly towards where he was standing and rose from the pool, her body dripping of water, the short red hair was almost black in the dim lighting. Her bikini left little left to the imagination. Her buttocks were round and full and her belly gaunt like a greyhound. Not only that, but her nipples were big. So, where was I she teased and put one hand inside his trunks, cupping his balls. Not so fast, Missy, Leif answered and kissed her. Her lips tasted like olives, and he grabbed her ass with his large hands. He went behind her and swiftly removed her bikini. She went down on all four and Leif started eating her pussy from behind. She whimpered as he inserted to fingers inside her, making her instantly wet. He drilled her asshole with his tongue, driving her crazy, while her long nails were grinding up and down on his hard shaft. So hard, she moaned. Her vagina was very tight, and she had not shaved, The dark red bush was all woman, and it drove him crazy. He had never had such a tall woman before, and this enabled him to explore different positions. When she was pleading for him to enter her, he continued to tease her with only the head of his cock. Her legs shaking, while he kept eating her asshole. She screamed as the waves of the first orgasm went through her vulva and into her entire body. It was then he slammed into her with full force. His cock was large, and it kept going deeper inside her, opening her up one part of the time like a rose pedal. He grabbed her ass and went all in until his shaft was buried inside her. He then laid down on his back while still inside her and watched as her big white ass started to move up and down on his cock. She was riding him slowly, her moans growing ever louder with each thrust. So fucking big, so fucking big, she screamed as the next multi orgasm hit her and ravaged her pussy to its very core. She inserted his cock into her ass and carefully rode him. Leif could take it no more, and she sensed his momentum. She slammed her pussy down on his cock again with brute force and fucked the shit out of him. When his cock exploded, she sucked every drop out of him, and then they collapsed together, his cock still inside her. She laid on top of him with her hands still clutching his balls. They retired to his room, where they showered and made love again. Afterwards they drank champagne in his bed and smoked. I have invited everyone in the dining room tonight for dinner, she said. Cool, Leif responded. His hand exploring her belly button while playing with her curly bush. Who are these Graves sisters? They are the new hot thing. Have you not seen their YouTube videos? No I haven't, he shrugged. They are heavily into the occult and are also said to have mastered telepathy. Really? Jesus, that's different, he laughed. I know. Crazy right. But they seem to be the real thing. Intriguing he answered. What about this rock star, then? Ah Damian, he is going through a public divorce and needed to get away from it all. Life's a bitch, he responded. Quite, so we provide him with what he needs. Right now that means coke, weed and whiskey. That should do it. He smiled at her. Thank you for the invitation. No problem. Thank you for fucking me so fucking well. I really like your cock. She grabbed it and stroked the base of his member. How come you have three balls? His answer was interrupted by an SMS on her phone. Damn. I am needed downstairs. Work calls. See you at dinner? Believe it. He grabbed her ass and slapped it when she started dressing. Love that ass. You can take care of it later, she said. Liz knelt down and sucked his cock real fast. Later she said and closed the door behind her. He leaned back and looked outside. It was dark now. He could actually see stars.

He was wearing a gray dinner jacket by Peter Posh, but had decided to mix it up with some hip jeans that were fashionably torn. His shirt was jet black. The Submariner Rolex on his left arm was a simple reminder of the significance of the Martin Family's role globally. They had after all saved millions of lives with the effective vaccines made from the Nexus stem and the science presiding from that find kept on evolving and discoveries on how to cure other genetic diseases, was constantly exploding on to the world stage of science. And all this because of his crazy genius father that was drunk half the time and led the life of a thirty-year young man. But now he was getting married? The old man must have been smoking too much shit down in the Amazon. The woman looked really hot though. A fucking firecracker. He had been the first to arrive for dinner, and now it was two minutes past and still no one around except the little Asian Ronald. The man was strutting about and fixing small details here and there. He was very effective though. Leif smiled and lit a pre rolled cigarette with his Fisher lighter. God-damn Asian. Ronald approached him quickly. Eh, sir, there is… Leif cut him off abruptly. Go fuck yourself and then fetch me an ashtray. He could see the sparks of emotions for a second overpower the servant complex, but it was gone in the next. Yes sir, Ronald muttered and left to find an ashtray. On the large dark brown mahogany table that could entertain twelve people, the cutlery had been placed impeccably. Large canisters of expensive red wines, buckets of champagne and other drinks had been added. Leif ordered a Corona from another servant and lent back and took in the view from the large french windows that broke well with the Scandinavian architecture of the building in general. The blizzard was raging like crazy and if he really listed he could hear wolves howl. Or perhaps it was all in his mind. So his father was getting married. He had not said where. Perhaps... His thoughts were cut off by a loud voice. How do you do, man? In front of him was a very drunken version of the man, he guessed was the famous rock star Damian Steed. He was actually the guitar player in the band Kiss the Fucking Ring. Leif played guitar himself and knew Steed was a Gretch player. Hello Mr Steed. Cool to fucking meet you. Ahh, finally a person that is not a pompous ass. Most Norwegians are so boring. My pleasure. Leif Martin, was it? Your father is the so-called savior of the world. John Martin? You better believe it, Leif smiled and continued to smoke. I love that you are smoking, that means I am smoking too. He sat down beside Leif on his left side, just as Ronald returned with an ashtray. Thanks, Ron, Damian winked at the butler. So what the fuck have brought you here, man? Damian Steed grabbed a bottle of Château Lalande-Borie, Saint-Julien, bottled in 2009 and demanded it opened right away to the startled servant who responded swiftly. His glass was soon filled, and his smile became even brighter. Leif looked into the man's eyes. He might seem very drunk, but I don't think he is, Leif pondered. Strange. It could of course be coke, pills, weed or whatever. Leif shrugged the feeling off and responded. I met Elisabeth at a party, and we started fucking. She has a fantastic pussy. Steed was speechless for about a second while his brain was processing this blunt information. Then he raged into laughter. Man, you are too much. Are all the Martins this candid. Yes Leif smiled. You should meet my sister. I really should. She is fucking fine. I have seen pictures online. Steed chuckled. Yes, she has a great ass, Leif admitted. While the two men were chatting, two other guests arrived and joined them. It was the Graves sisters. They were of course known to Leif from YouTube. The famous psychics that were able to far view and solve murders, using a combination of Geo mapping and other tricks that Leif did not know much about. They had however managed to assist the FBI on several serial killer cases. That much he did know. Belle Graves struck out a bony hand, and he shook it gently. Her sister Margaret lent into his ear and whispered quickly. I must talk to you very soon. It is fucking important. Leif was taken aback by this. They were identical twins. Both were tall and very thin, with their red hair cut short. They were not however wearing the same dress. Margaret sported a black gown of satin, her arms covered in gold jewelry, but Leif noticed they did wear the same amulet around their necks. It was a red ruby cut in half. Belle Graves was much more modern in her style and wore a gray female business suit topped off by black riding boots. On her left arm, a big diamond bracelet sparkled in the evening light provided from the big lamps and the ever burning fireplace in the other part of the dining room. They were kind of pretty with high cheekbones like models and their big identical black eyes had the longest eyelashes he had ever seen. Their skin was very black. Angola, originally, he guessed. Their short red hair was braided in a certain African fashion that Leif did not recognize. It did not take long before the even more drunken Steed had them engulfed in a conversation about mystics druids or what not. Suddenly the sound of a gong struck and Elisabeth strode into the room wearing a snow-white dinner dress with very little underneath. But with her was a couple he did not know. Who the fuck are those guys, Martin? Steed was poring wine into the large glasses for the Graves sisters while Elisabeth pronounced loudly. Meet my friends. They just arrived in the last minute. This is Hassan Brass and his wife Fatima Brass. They have come all the way from Greece to join us tonight. Fucking hell, whispered Steed to Leif. How did they manage that? You almost got eaten by wolves coming here, and the storm is raging like crazy. I see your point. Leif pondered. The drunk rock star had a point. It was peculiar. And why had she not told him about this when he had asked earlier? Same shit. Leif clapped his hands like the others and greeted the smiling couple. They were handsome together, in their late forties, He did not know them from anywhere but soon learned that Harry Brass was one of the biggest shipping providers of Greece. His wife also managed the company called Angelina. Harry Brass was very tanned and had a large white beard and white hair. He was also completely dressed in white. His wife in contrast was dressed in a lovely flowery red dress and brown sandals. She was very beautiful, with a long angular straight nose, nutty brown hair and her eyes were black as coal. I think I have to stretch my legs and walk around. It's a bit cold, declared Steed, and rose from his chair. He swayed towards the fireplace, sat down and continued to smoke after collecting a drink from Ronald. The conversation was stimulating and Martin enjoyed himself. The Brass couple knew his father, it so turned out, back in the nineties. Elisabeth sent him flirty looks while chatting away with Fatima Brass on the end of the table. She looked at him and smiled. It was a beautiful but cold smile. The hairs on his arms rose slightly. Beautiful but spooky, he thought. Ronald announced that the food was now to be served. Five courses in total. Leif looked at Steed, who was still sitting by the fire place. He seemed to have dropped his drink. Leif excused himself to Harry Brass and rose from his chair and went to join the drunken rock'n roller. As he approached Steed, he noticed the position that the man was sitting in. Something was wrong. A feeling of dread went through Leif when he faced Damian Steed. He seemed unconscious. The cigarette had fallen down on the marble floor and died out. Leif sprang into motion, He slapped the man in the face. Wake up Steed, he shouted, but the man did not respond. He quickly felt his pulse of the jugular vein. Nothing. The Asian butler jumped in and started life resuscitation, but to no avail. Damian Steed was fucking dead.