The Principles of Pleasure Netflix Review

	the principles of pleasure netflix,

Netflix has a new series out called The Principles Of Pleasure and it’s a three-part documentary that dives into topics regarding women’s sexual intimacy that get explored, researched, and honestly talked about, both openly and accessibly

This is a must-see for men and women as it documentary expels old myths and offers factual knowledge about women's anatomy and also how real women view intimacy, wellness and sexual desires.

Hosted by Michelle Buteau, each episode features interviews from a different set of women of different ages, races, and beliefs who want to educate others about sexual pleasure.

Though easily the biggest reveal for those who watch this documentary, was that what most people think of as the vagina is actually a woman’s vulva, which is the entirety of the labia, vagina, and clitoris combined. The details about how the vulva works as a whole is actually something only fairly recently to have been known, as even an entire mapping of the entire clitoris (including the internal) was only achieved in 2005. That is pretty crazy when you think about it. We found the documentary to be informative, factual and entertaining, and we recommend watching it with a partner.

Sex, Joy & modern science converge in this eye-opening series that celebrates the complex world of womans pleasure and putsbstubborn myths to rest.

What's there not to like...