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We have the great joy of introducing The Handy to you all. The ultimate sex toy for men. The Handy has so much to offer that it's mind-blowing. This is a high end masturbating sex machine with Scandinavian design, made by Norwegians. Created to milk your cock and balls dry as the desert and still wanting more. The Handy is made in Norway. The sex-tech company that introduced the product, SweetTech AS, is run by Alexander Arish Bjørkmann and Jens Petter Wilhelmsen. So we undertand The Handy is an interactive stroker in the true sense of the word, but what does it really mean?

It means it's REALLY GOOD, Holy shit what a masturbator!

Many male strokers rely wholly on manual operation and this means the user has full control and can move the Handy up and down by themselves. This greatly enhanses the pleasure and feeling of control.

The Handy offers the most amazing experience with its thrusting speed of 0-10 strokes per second and powerful suction cup.

That’s not all, this automatic high-tech sex toy is built with an 11cm stroke length guaranteed to service all your sweet spots. It has a soft but firm sleeve that will make your shaft thinks it’s inside a real vagina. The interior of the medical-grade sleeve has a ribbed texture to give you superb stimulation.

Though the Handy may be relatively new in the market, it has set the pace for other strokers since it was launched. Unlike many other strokers, it has a clear detachable sleeve that is built in such a way that makes cleanup a breeze.

To cap it off, you can sync your Handy with a smartphone and your partner or favorite

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pornstar can control your pleasure from wherever they are. It does also have a sleeve collection. The Handy also comes with a a clever set up guide that will make it easy to use within minutes after unboxing the product.

You can also hook The Handy up to VR and this is a great asset. The only word s available are HOLY SHIT. You really need to try The Handy with VR.

After buying The Handy, go to:

Who is it for?

The Handy is, quite simply put, for any man with a penis, whether you’re buying it for your own use or whether you are buying it for somebody else.

The toy can be appreciated by anybody, regardless of whether they are novices to the world of sex toys or are experts.

Who The Handy is NOT for are those that have strong feelings against masturbation or don’t want to experience the ‘faster than hand’ feeling that the toy delivers.

User ratings.

The Handy currently holds a 4.5 rating user rating online.

"By far , this is one of the best toys I have ever purchased. One I am on the bigger side and this legit fits all sizes. First time I used it I lasted legit 2 mins . More powerful then any [other] battery operated toy I have used. Honestly worth the money all day long . If you have it don’t hesitate!”

The Handy, best sex toy, couples sex toy

Is It Good?

We have plenty of products to compare The Handy to and although it is not ultra cheap, our feeling is that it is worth the money. If you want the best modern masturbator that money can buy, look no further. The Handy will deliver earth-shattering orgasms and pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Hook it up to VR and have the best orgasm of your life. Yes, we said it. This masturbator might rival that of a real people. Is it a good thing, we don't know, but we REALLY recommend The Handy to any horny male looking for something new!

Pros and Cons


  • Body-safe materials

  • High adjustable speed

  • Elegant and comes in a discreet packaging

  • Soft replaceable sleeve

  • Super-tight adjustable grip

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Can be synced with adult movies at

  • Can give you up to 600 strokes per minute. The only stroker in the market with such a powerful thrust speed.

  • Rechargeable

  • Long-distance control through Bluetooth


  • It is a high end product. Seeing all the powerful features packed into the device, the price shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

Certifications for The Handy

CE FCC FCC Exposure California Prop 65 UKCA PSE