Mystery | The Stranger | Chapter 5

Updated: Jan 7

John Martin was hiding. After the narrow escape through the window he had entered the forest that surrounded the big villa in which had been held captive. He had crossed through the garden and climbed the iron fence at the end of the property. On the way down he had cut his thumb. It was a small wound, but he was high. So god damn high. Could he touch the sky? No. But he could feel the electrical current in the morning breeze. His heart was pumping like a freight train and his legs were numb. His suit was torn. John was in a bad state. Still alive though, The sentence went through his scrambled mind as he spotted a small forest to his left. He was running through a field that was swampy after the rain fall last night and his shoes got wet almost instantly. He could see trees ahead after the small clearing that he now was entering. It was early morning and there were black birds in the sky. Crows! He hated crows. He kept running and soon the trees engulfed him. The birds were singing songs of the sea, the desert and of Africa. They were singing to him. He could feel it. He felt everything. The trees talked with their deep voices in a dark rumbling force that went straight through his body. Be one with the LSD. He entered in a small clearing and sub warmed his body as he stopped and relaxed. He opened a beer and drank. Where the fuck was he? He knew that he soon would be hunted. How to escape this shit? In front of him the small lake was slightly green in the sunlight. It was surrounded by the dark dense bushes on both sides.

If he swam to the other side, perhaps he could hide his tracks. The pack of cigarettes had to be saved before entering the water. John put the pack in his mouth. He dove into the pond and started swimming. He was a good swimmer. Ever since his days in school, he had loved the water. It was not too cold. The morning sun had brought warmth to the forest. His body was performing well, considering the circumstances. He rose from the water five minutes later. He had just swam 1.5 km. The forest ahead was darker and the sun had started to fade. A slight drizzle of rain started quietly, then gained momentum. A mist appeared ahead of him. Soon John Martin's world had become dreamy. He was still tripping but the worst momentum of the LSD had started to wear off. He drank water and opened another beer. The Ronson lighter still worked. As he was smoking a cigarette, he heard voices from afar. They were following him. He had to move. The dense woods made his progress slow. He could hear a dog bark. Fucking dogs. He hated dogs. How many did they have? This part of the forest was fucking dark. Then suddenly he spotted a red balloon. The balloon was tied to a string and that was held by someone in a yellow raincoat. Perhaps the LSD was stronger than he knew. The person was dressed in light blue jeans, standing with the back turned against him. He could not see the face but the body seemed feminine. Perhaps it was a woman. When John started to move in her direction, she started to walk forward. The finger on her right hand signaled him to follow her. John was around five meters behind her. The rain started to pour down. The sky had turned black. A lightning zapped through the clouds. The thunder came three seconds after. Good - John thought. The rain would make it harder for the dogs to follow his scent. Out of the blue it seemed, the remains of what used to be a small cabin appeared in front of them. Rocks were the only thing that was left. The stranger in the yellow raincoat went over the right side where there was a well. She motioned him to stop. She started to mess something in her light voice. Some kind of ritual John thought. What ever she was doing, he hoped she would soon move. The barks from the dogs seemed much closer now, She made gestures through the air with her hands. She then stopped and seemed satisfied. She then removed the wooden lid that covered the well. She did not speak but motioned him to follow her as she climbed down into the well. So John picked up the lid. It was very heavy. This woman must be very strong. He still had not seen her face clearly but her skin was very dark. He climbed down after her. It was a deep well. John was hanging on to a rope that went all the way down. When he reached the bottom, the woman shook the rope rapidly and after a while it fell silently down to the ground. She took out a key and opened a big lock on a metal door. They entered. They now were in a long tunnel. The woman had turned on a blue flashlight. She walked ahead of him. Her buttocks swayed in the endless motion that had enthralled man since the beginning of time. She was tall. Almost as tall as him. She smelled like jasmine.

The four men had followed the footsteps to the small pond that John had crossed earlier.

Lightening was flashing through the sky. The leader was a small man. His beard was white. He was dressed in a black Military suit and in his right hand he carried a Winchester SXP. The other three were dressed in a similar fashion. His eyes were cobalt blue and right now they were focusing on the dark forest on the other side of the lake. Let's go in. His voice was like a quiet baritone breeze. They entered the lake and started to swim. On the other side he noticed the small indications, still visible in the rain that the man they followed had been there. He looked at the Lucky Strike cigarette in the mud and picked it up. It was still warm. A partial part of a footprint that was almost washed away by the heavy rain was still there. Turn the dogs loose, he ordered.

The two terriers projectile into the woods like bullets from a gun. They were in their prime, and their noses picked up the scent from the human they were hunting. He was not far away. The tiny dog brains did not process this info but their instincts that went throughout their body were mapping the forest like a crystal clear painting that was forever changing. They soon arrived by the ruins of the cabin. They were confused. The older, more experienced dog hesitated but the younger dog kept running past the stones and into the forest ahead. Something was blocking the older dog's instinct. It stood still, it's tail went stiff as an arrow. Then slowly it started running and followed the other dog. The hunting party followed a minute after and walked briskly past the well and continued through the heavy rain.

John was smoking a Lucky Strike and had a swig of the beer. He offered it to the woman but she declined. He was really tired now but the booze kept him going. They had walked for five hours now. She had not spoken at all and John had to concentrate to keep up with her. No thank you she said. As she spoke her first words they came to another door. This one seemed more modern. A regular door. Go to the right, she said. He looked at her face. She was heavily tattooed and very pretty. Nothing beats a beautiful black woman.

Okay and thank you, he answered! He entered the door and went inside. He looked back quickly. She was still holding the string of the red balloon in her left arm. The door closed as he looked into her honey brown eyes. John stepped right like she had told him to. He walked though a small hallway that led to another door. He opened it and looked outside. It looked like a train station. It was an actual train station. He was now standing in the middle of a busy train station and people were moving all around him, on their way to different destinations. He looked at his suit. It did not look good but the shirt was not bad. He took of his jacket, slicked his hair backwards and started walking towards the train he had seen arriving in the left lane. They had not taken his visa card that he kept in a metal sleeve in his pocket. He entered the train and found a seat. Not many people. He had no idea where he was going. He needed to find a smart phone. The conductor thanked him as he swiped his card and payed for the train ticket. The train started to move. Where is this train heading to? He asked the polite conductor. Amsterdam! The conductor answered and continued his rounds. As the last strength left him, John fell into a very deep sleep.