The Driver | Chapter 18 | Part One

Updated: Jan 10

The first morning rays of sun had started to warm up the long beautiful beaches of Barra Grande. The two men were watching the green ocean while smoking in silence. The small dinghy boat was ready to go. The old pier was empty. None of the local fishermen had arrived yet this morning. The sound of the tall crashing waves created by the moon and tide was mixed with the howls of the distant winds further out at sea. The tallest man was wearing a black mask that almost covered his entire face. His left arm was casually leaning on hood of the Hyundai I30. The car was covered in dirt and the original white paint job was barely visible. He was wearing black Ray-Bans and his eyes were like those of the Brazilian vulture, scanning for prey. He was dressed in a white cheap suit and the small cross on his chest was a trinket bought from a dirt poor street merchant in Rio De Janeiro. The snakeskin boots had been polished the day before by a sexy woman in Rio that he was now fucking on a regular basis. The driver inhaled the perfect morning breeze and let out a long sigh. He knew what he had to do. It was a long drive and the two people he was now waiting for, would soon become the most hunted people in Brazil. He looked at the car. No one could guess that underneath the shady appearance, the Hyundai had a V8 engine. It was basically a race car. He smiled. Yes the car would do. The other man snapped to attention, lifted his binoculars and scanned the far sea in the distance. He could see the speedboat. The driver nodded as the man ran down to the small dinghy boat and started the engine. Soon the other man was on his way to meet the couple. The white foam was like powder as the small boat cut through the rapids. The driver entered the car and turned on the engine and continued smoking while looking at the map. They had to go through plenty of dirt roads. Luckily the suspension had been trimmed the day before. The wheels were custom made. He had also brought an extra tank of gasoline. In his wallet he carried 10.000 reais in cash. The cloths he had brought were ready for the two fugitives.

There! Mingo pointed at the small man approaching in the dinghy boat. Allright. Get ready, Lela barked as they slowed the speedboat to a complete halt. As the small man arrived and entered the speedboat they got into the dingy boat and soon they sped away. Mingo was steering the boat towards the small pier in the distance. Lela watched as the speedboat started up and slowly turned towards a small island where the boat would then be painted and hidden from view. Lela liked Brazil. If you had the money, you could do anything. She watched Mingo. The man was handsome. He had grit and a sly sense of humor. She could feel her body respond. Not now you silly bitch, she thought. Pay attention. When they entered the pier the driver was waiting for them. Put these clothes on he said. And the crosses. Mingo looked at the clothes and smiled. Vincent had thought about everything. Minutes after their arrival Mingo was now dressed as a minister of a catholic church and Lela as a nun. She was also wearing big rimmed glasses that made her look older. Mingo was wearing a wig of completely white hair. They discarded their old clothes into a hole in the ground that the driver had dug previously and after covering it with sand, they were off. Mingo was in the back seat while Lela was sitting upfront. Lela was watching the news on her smartphone. Nothing yet, she told Mingo. But I am sure they have discovered the body by know. They probably have camera footage of us. Yes, but I do not think they will use the local authorities or the police, Mingo answered. My father is on it! Lela was looking at the sms on her smartphone. She then turned the phone off. Mingo did the same with his Apple 12. Yes I can imagine, he answered. John Martin was like an octopus with fangs everywhere. Mingo turned to the driver. Everything in place? He asked. The driver nodded. He was a tall man. Mingo noticed his big, powerful hands. Vincent and Marco had recommended this man not only because of his driving skills and wits, but also because of his local knowledge. He knew every road in Brazil! Marco had told Mingo at their last meeting. Seriously? Mingo had mocked Vincent. No one knows every road in Brazil. Marco had lifted his glass of beer in salute. This man does!

The driver was ready. On the front of his dashboard he had mounted three phones that were all connected to the local and federal police. It had cost him to get this but it was worth it. He would deduct it from the cost of supplies for this particular job anyway.

From the corner of his eye he monitored the information that was updated every minute. He drove in a normal tempo thought the busy city traffic. He scanned the skies above. No choppers yet! He looked at the couple in his car. They looked tired. There are sandwiches, water and some vodka in the grey bag beside you, he told Mingo. Mingo smiled at him and opened the bag. Obrigado amigo! The driver did not respond. He was looking at the car in the rear mirror. It had stayed behind them for twenty minutes now. It could be just a coincidence but the driver had learned to trust his instincts a long time ago. He reduced the tempo slightly to see if the car would pass. It did not. They had been on the road for four hours now and were passing through the city of Feira De Santana. The roads were better here, the driver noticed. The car behind them suddenly made a turn in an intersection and was gone. The driver immediately increased the speed and entered the 116. After 15 kilometers, the small dirt road was coming up, just as he remembered it. There were no cars behind him. The tires on the Hyundai dug into the gravel and soon they were in the middle of the forest. The driver knew this secret road would take them all the way to Capim Grosso. The trip would take longer but also keep him and his passengers hidden. He maneuvered the road like a racetrack. Mingo an Lela were holding on for dear life in the back as the car sped through the forest. It was an old smugglers road that still was being used. The light gravel on the road was unusual for Brazil. The driver was in full control. After five miles the driver slowed down and swung the car straight into the forest. He parked the car behind a big tree. Lela looked at him puzzled. What is going on? Why are why stopping? The driver answered: Feel like a swim? They exited the car and followed the tall figure in the white suit through the dense vegetation. The flowers were vibrant and they were surrounded by all the colours known to man. Suddenly Lela almost stepped on a small snake but the driver had seen the reptile and threw a knife that landed perfectly in the head of the snake. Mingo looked at the man sharply. You are pretty accurate with knifes my friend. The driver simply answered.. I know. After steep climb they arrived at the top of a small cliff. The waterfall in the small lagoon below reflected the colour of the sun perfectly and the water shone like diamonds, drizzling into the silvergreen water below. The driver took off all his clothes really fast and then looked at them. His cock was long and thin. His legs were long and strong. The bush that covered his scrotum was as dense as the forest that they were in. The long arms led up to the broad shoulders. But he still kept the mask on. Suddenly he leapt backwards and his body went into a perfect spiral and then turned straight as an arrow when his body reached the water below. His body landed perfectly cutting the surface like butter. Lela burst out laughing. She undressed while Mingo watched with interest. Her breasts were perfect and the small bush was trimmed. Her ass was full and juicy. She leapt out from the cliff and landed with a scream. Mingo slowly undressed while watching the masked driver and Lela splash around in the lagoon. Mingos golden skin was radiant in the sunshine and his big fat cock was erect. He did a perfect dive and broke the surface with the grace of a pro. The lagoon had a small shallow sandbank. After goofing around in the water, they laid down on the sand. The driver watched while Mingo grabbed Lelas ass and spread her buttocks. He stepped in behind her and ate her pussy. She moaned and played with her clit. Mingo then entered her. She started to scream. His cock was so thick that she thought her vagina might burst. The driver then stepped in front of Mingo and drilled Lelas ass with his thin dick while Mingo increased the tempo. Lela was whimpering now, but the two men kept on riding her two holes with full power. She had never been fucked like this before. The match was perfect. It started with a small explosion deep in her vulva and then it spread into bigger orgams until her vagina shook. She wailed on the top of her lungs as the two men took her even further. Mingo had cupped both of her buttocks in his big hands and was ramming her pussy with full force, while the driver was slowly filling her asshole, like he was drilling for oil. Finally the flood exploded inside her body and the pussy juice started to run down into the sand like it was poured from a bottle. Her body spasmed and she was screaming like a wounded animal. But the two men continued even further. They shifted places. The driver drove his long penis all the way and stimulated her at her very core while Mingo rammed her ass. The orgams slowly started to build for all of them at the same time. The two men came simultaneously, their roar as old as time itself. Lela convulsed into a multiorgasm that lasted for several minutes. She then crawled towards Mingo and grabbed his cock with both hands and started to suck his penis with a newborn hunger. Soon his cock stood erect. She mounted him. She rode him like she had never ridden any man before. His cock was a perfect fit. The driver rested and smoked while watching the couple fucking. Lela came so hard that she dug her nails into Mingos chest and small drops of blood started running down his body. When she finally came, Mingo was mad with lust and grabbed her by the hair and continued fucking her until his cock was bleeding.! He finally came and roared like a lion.

It was dusk when they returned to the car. I like to unwind when on a mission, said the driver with a sly smile. No shit, you call that unwinding, i call it a fucking marathon, Lela chuckled. Mingo had a twinkle in his eyes. I like your style driver!

The driver got serious when they were back in the car. I need you to be alert and pay attention and do what I say when I say it. They both agreed to this as the car sped through the dark forest. They drove for five hours straight and then they finally entered the 130 not far from Capim Grosso. They traffic was calm and the driver kept the speed limit. Suddenly he noticed that the car behind them was the same car that had followed them before. The driver paused for a while, contemplating the options. He then made a choice. The V8 engine roared as he suddenly dug the gas pedal almost through the floor of the car and Hyundai left the car behind them in the dust. They went through a maze of tunnels and then passed by a gas station and it was then that the driver reacted with the agility of a pro. He turned the car while it skidded and did a 360 degree parking behind the gas station. He quickly turned off the lights in the cars. Mingo and Lela watched him while they were holding their breath. The driver waited. Three minutes later the follow car arrived and sped straight past the gas station. The driver kicked the car into motion and they were now in pursuit. The car in front of them was an old black Mercedes from the 90's. Mingo and Lela looked at one another as the driver increased the speed even more and caught up with the Mercedes. He then rammed the car with full power. The effect was remarkable. The Mercedes started spinning out of control and then crashed into a big rock in the end of the bend. The driver barked! Quickly, Mingo, shoot them both. Mingo moved swiftly and reached the Mercedes. The two men in the front were both unconscious. Mingo did not hesitate and shot them both in head. Lela joined him and lifted the men out of the car and carried them rolled into the bushes by the side of the road. Mingo then got inside the Mercedes and tested the engine. It still worked. He then returned to the driver. Follow me. I know where to stash the Mercedes. Mingo then followed the driver in the Mercedes for a while. Then the driver took a side route from the main road. Mingo followed closely. An old scrap yard appeared out of nowhere. The driver exited the car and told Mingo to return to the Hyundai. Mingo joined Lela in the back of the car. Wait there the driver said. Two men with rifles were walking towards him now.

The driver showed them the cash in his hand, then he spoke rapidly for a couple of minutes to the two men. Lela watched him and commented to Mingo. He really knows all the roads in Brazil. Mingo shook his head. Yeah, so it seems. It it pretty impressive. Not as impressive as your cock, she teased. She grabbed his crouch. So thick. I want more.

Mingo did not answer but watched as the two men finally took the cash and got into the Mercedes. The driver walked back and got into the car. Lets drive he said. The Hyundai roared and was swallowed by the Brazilian night.

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