The Driver | Chapter 18 | Part Two

Updated: Jan 10

The body was discovered five hours after Lela and Mingo's escape. The spider had devoured a significant part of the dead man's brain. It was now a big gaping hole on the top of his cranium where the spider had begun its feast. Footage of the earlier events was not easy to piece together. All the cameras on the boat were controlled from the dead hackers computers and no one had the passwords to enter the hi-tech system. The boat's captain was unsure on how to proceed. Should he report the hackers death to the authorities? He was after all a sailor and did not have any experience with events like this. But before the captain could make any progress with the problem at hand, he was contacted by the billionaire John Martin via satellite phone. The man explained to the captain that the hacker had been a prominent man and that there were pressing issues that had to be resolved before contacting any authorities. At the same time while the captain was talking to John Martin, the Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian helicopter landed on the helipad. Four people emerged. The tall blonde man stood out from the rest. He advanced along the deck in long strides towards the captain and shook the man's hand in one elegant motion. Leif Martin is my name sir. I am here to clean up this mess! The captain was relieved. Now let me talk to my father! The captain gave the satellite phone to Leif Martin. The conversation was conducted in rapid Norwegian. Then Leif Martin gave it back to the captain. Show me his quarters!

Only minutes later, Leif Martin was looking at the dean man in the beautiful underwater cabin. He barked orders to the three men. I want the package packed and ready within 30 minutes. Make sure to bring all the equipment, computers, phones everything. Then conduct a total whipedown of the room. Let me know when it is done! I will dine with the captain now! While drinking a perfect glass of Champagne Piper-Heidsieck rare Millésime aged since 2006, Leif Martin watched the wrapped body of Raymond Chavalier being carried to the big helicopter and placed carefully in the cargo hold. He toasted the dead man and continued the conversation with the captain. Did you get a good look at the woman? The captain scratched his head. Not really. But the president of Jamaica did. Unfortunately he left two hours ago. Leif cursed silently. Damn you sis. What a mess you have made! What about the security guard? The captain smoked his cigar slowly. He was new to our crew. He was a good worker and everybody liked him. Leif nodded. I see! He continued to summarize. So what happened was the following, Raymond Chavalier had lunch with this mystery woman and the president of Jamaica. Then he suddenly fell ill and the couple helped him downstairs to his private quarters. Correct? You got it! The captain had a sip of the champagne. Leif Martin continued.. Then he was discovered five hours later by you because he did not show up for the daily inspection? Again this is correct, said the captain while letting the grey cigar smoke escape through his thin lips. I see! Leif Martin then rose and shook the captains hand again. You have been a great help sir. Someone from our organisation will contact you shortly. I advise you to sail this vessel towards international waters. The captain nodded. Thank you Mr. Martin! Leif then joined his crew that was ready to leave. They entered the chopper. Seconds later they were airborne. The captain had another glass of the excellent champagne and watched the helicopter depart.

The desk was modern but yet timeless. Chantelle Devinox was reading the email with a serious expression on her face. Her long bony fingers running over the keys of the Macbook Air like those of a concert pianist. She then pressed the intercom button. Her voice was raw from smoking Camel Cigarettes since she was a young girl in Paris during world war two. Set up a meeting with John Martin! Her focus went back to the email. That sly old bastard. This nonsense had gone on long enough she thought while lighting another Camel and carefully tossing the ash from the cigarette onto a posh ashtray. She let her mind wander for a while. She remembered the streets of Paris after the second world war. Everyone was dirt poor, trying to salvage a loaf of bread or anything that they could eat. But the people still had style. They dressed properly and people had real manners. Not like these spoiled brats these days. Complaining because they had to wear masks. Whining idiots. That is what they are, she cursed. Her sharp mind returned to the matters at hand. She quickly gave the orders to use the federal police in Brazil to locate Mingo. I want drones. A shitload of them! Track those bastards and shoot to kill. Get choppers in the air and use the local police in the municipalities to track them. She then transferred funds for all the bribes that were needed. One billion euro should do it, she decided. She then rose from the desk and straightened her suit. She clicked the intercom. You can send the Obamas in now!

The driver had now reached the state of Mato Grosso. He was expecting trouble. It had been too easy. Suddenly he sat up straight and read the update that flashed across the system he had access to from the federal police. Drones, choppers, federal and local police was now looking for Mingo and Lela. It would still take them a day to cross this current state and reach the Amazon. It was nighttime and they were crossing a bridge when suddenly the lights from a chopper cut through the darkness and then lit up the bridge and scanned the cars. Put the big cover over yourselves and hide, he barked at Lela and Mingo. They responded quickly. At the end of the bridge the police had placed a solid roadblock. The driver put on a pair of white gloves and positioned himself well in his seat. His hand clutching the stick and his foot ready on the pedal. He was watching the cars in front of him being searched. He positioned the car a bit to the left outside the line of cars and calculated. At the right moment the Hyundai shot forward like a Cobra and gathered speed. The police was currently searching a big truck transporting used cars and the ramp on the back of the truck had been lowered to the ground. The Hyundai swished past the other cars and reached the loading ramp. The Police had no time to react when the Hyundai came of out nowhere. The Hyundai gained momentum from the ramp and became airborne. It sailed over the cars on the truck and went even higher at the precise moment it glided past the Police barricade and landed perfectly ten meters behind the barricade. The driver slammed the gear and the Hyundai stabilized when landing. His hands rotated the wheel like a racecar driver. It was on now. The powerful engine responded. The helicopter above had not yet turned and the driver took full advantage of this. The car span around the first corner of the upcoming street and continued. He reached forward turned on the police radio in the front. The police were scrambling to react still, but he could see drones in the air fifty meters behind the car. The driver went even faster and overtook the next streetcorner in one beautiful motion. Mingo was looking backwards at the lights of the police cars that appeared in the distance. Lela was looking at the glove on the driver's left hand. It was spotless. They were now going faster than Mingo had ever driven before and his hand clutched the rail above the car door like a claw. The driver was counting streets, three two one.. The Hyundai made an impossible fast turn and went into tiny a dark alley. He quickly turned off the headlights of the car. Then he waited. They watched the drones fly by on the street and five police cars passed right after them. The driver exited the car and ran over to a small gate. He opened it fast and returned to the car. He drove the Hyundai into what turned out to be a big garage. The gate closed automatically behind them. The driver left the car. Mingo and Lela were hot on their heels. The driver went past some metal containers and then grabbed a big tarp that covered something. He pulled it hard. Hidden beneath the tarp was a taxi. A regular brazilian yellow taxi! The driver quickly changed into another set of neutral cloths and entered the taxi. Are you coming or what? He smiled. In the back you will find some business suits and wigs. Put them on. The couple quickly did what they were told. The driver reached forward and opened the glovebox and took out a bottle and some paper cups. He filled the cups and served them. We are in Brazil after all my friends, and you guys look as white as ghosts. Have a drink. They grabbed the glasses and drank. The Cachaça Salinas Bálsamo e Carvalho was perfect. The colour slowly returned to their faces. The driver had another shot and then a final one. Here. Take the bottle and drink. If the police should see us, they will think you are rich people on the way to a party. The driver then finally took off his mask. He was actually a white man, clearly from European decent. His moustache was very large and pointed and his eyes were as blue as the ocean. His nose was long and straight. His hair was cut very short and the mouth that were now grinning at them was large with perfect white teeth. Drink more he said. Mingo was flabbergasted. You are one crazy motherfucker, he exclaimed. I know. Get the fuck in the car, answered the driver. Lela filled their cups again. Here is to getting waisted, she shouted and downed the drink. There is more like it, said the driver and opened the gate with a remote control. And then they were back on the street. The driver scanned the exit. Lela looked at Mingo. You really look like a businessman. Nice choice of suit Mr. Driver. I know. It is Armani, he answered. Lela was wearing a white business jacket with a elegant feminine cut and a short matching skirt. The driver turned on the taxi available light and drove smoothly. He is looking for someone, but who? Lela thought as the driver suddenly slowed down and the car came to a halt. Two men were standing in the darkness of the street. The driver opened the car doors. The men were dressed in Armani suits with heavy gold watches visible on their arms. Mingo was very surprised when the two men entered the car, Vincent and Marco were grinning at them. Nice jump Mr. Driver. You are now on YouTube. Some kid filmed the event it with a smartphone. Vincent opened the first of the many bottles of Vodka they had brought. To the airstrip, he shouted. Yes sir. The driver smiled. There were drones in the air everywhere and the police cars went past them in a rapid tempo but none of them looked twice at the taxi with the business people drinking and partying. It was like they were invisible..The driver navigated them out of the centre of the city and soon they were in the wetlands. The swamps smelled like dead gas. The people in the cab were now totally drunk. So what the fuck happened to the plan? Mingo roared. Marco took another swig of the bottle and answered. The plan was shit so we modified it. Vincent nodded. Lela was really hammered by now. Where the fuck are we going Mr. Driver. The driver did not answer, but Vincent did. Well, he slurred. We have a boat. Marco agreed knowingly. Look! In front of them a big beautiful white riverboat was waiting at the edge of a ancient pier. A small alligator entered the far bank and slid slowly into the muddy water while the drunken gang exited the taxi. Vincent lit a cigarette and grinned. We are going to the fucking Amazon my friends!

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