The Assassination | Chapter 17

Updated: Jan 10

The crowds of tourists were moving slowly around the broken streets of Pelourinho in Salvador. It was lunchtime. Mingo was watching the couple entertaining the tourists, his lips pressed together, sucking the rocket fuel through a straw. The Caipirinha was refreshing and very strong. He was feeling strangely nostalgic as he watched the black man on the tall stilts perform a daring balancing act and throwing red roses towards his feminine partner that responded swiftly on her equally tall stilts and catching the flowers in her mouth while bending forwards and almost falling. A gasp went through the crowd watching as she recovered in the last second and miraculously also caught a small hunters knife her partner had thrown simultaneously with the roses in a metal box on her head. As the applause roared, a small boy dressed in dirty clothes was running around with a big hat, collecting small change from the people that were entertained by the couple. His small sharp teeth were as white as polished ebony and his small long arms already showed signs of manual labour. He also had a friend that picked the pockets of the crowd. No one noticed her except Mingo. The girl was probably only ten years old. Her eyes black as coal and with a mouth that always smiled. Her hands were very fast while swiftly moving the stolen goods into a small bag that hung carelessly on her left shoulder. Mingo had the feeling that this particular place had always been like this. Nothing ever changed. The players were always the same. Mingo ordered a bottle of Original, the best canned beer in Brazil by his standards. Then finally his mind started working at the mission at hand.

In his left pocket he now kept a very small air gun. It was a custom made gun and it was soundless. Vincent and Marco had come through this time too. In his right pocket he had five platinum-iridium pellets, about one and a half millimetres in diameter. They all contained the poison Ricin. The victim of this toxin would rapidly develop a high fever and if not treated correctly in a hospital, death would happen within four days or faster. The lungs fills with fluid, the internal organs would suffer small hemorrhages, and an especially high white-blood-cell count would be eminent. Ricin was traceable but by the time it would be discovered, Mingo would be long gone. Vincent had also managed to create a new identity for Mingo, complete with social security number and a total background including social media with pictures of a man that looked very much like Mingo. This man was a security guard. Mingo now also knew that the new shift of security guards would be shipped out across the sea to the Seabreeze within two hours after lunchtime, from a private airport and he was now looking at the information on his Gmail. It was all in order. He browsed through the news on his phone, relaxing while sipping his beer. Suddenly his interest peaked. Woman slain in satanic ritual. He read the headline again, then looked closely at the background picture. He skimmed the article and there it was! It had happened in the small bar beside his hotel. He shook his head. Strange.

His head hurt more than usual. It had been bad since he had left Helsinki. He would have to get this checked. Mingo stored it on his to do list in the back of his mind, emptied the glass and left Pelourinho. Two hours later he entered a helicopter with other security guards bound for the Seabreeze. They were a mix of mercenaries and former police. He made sure not to become too social with the others but responded normally with his natural charm when spoken to. The sea was green beneath the chopper and Mingo watched the big waves that exploded into white foam and then rejoined the ocean currents. After a while Mingo spotted the Luxury Yacht in the distance. It was impressive. Lovely lines and maintained well. Mingo had a good grasp at the mechanics of boats. He could probably afford a yacht himself now. He grinned. He would do this job successfully, get his head fixed and then take a fucking long holiday. As the chopper landed smoothly at the helipad on the deck, the rugged men exited the craft and were swiftly lined up by a quartermaster. There were rules and regulations and so on. Mingo scanned the deck. He had already learned that his keycard gave him access to almost all of the levels in the great Yacht, but there was a problem. The man Mingo was there to kill was protected by an elevator that only his target had access to. Mingo would have to discover more about this before he decided on the most effective action. The men were then given black uniforms and set to work. Mingo was put in a group as one of five guards. They then did hard physical drills straight away for two hours. Afterwards the crew was given time off to eat in the regular restaurant but in a secluded part of the vessel, away from the important people on the yacht. Alcohol was allowed for one hour only, for the security crew, and in this short amount of time Mingo managed to learn more about the routines on board. Once a day, his target came out on the main deck to do various things. and every day at twelve, he dined with his guests and the ship's captain in the restaurant. Mingo weighed the opportunities in his mind. He had read up on Ricin and knew he would have only a small window after having successfully completed his mission. It would take a while before the man would get sick. Perhaps as much as five hours. Within this small space of time he would have to get off the yacht. The security was less tight during the afternoon. There was a shift of security guards around 1800 hours. This would be his only window of escape. The off duty guards were given time off. He would need to get to the lowest part of the deck. During the next three days, Mingo did his job as a dedicated security guard and worked even harder on learning all the routines of the people onboard the yacht. He had now also seen the target. He was a small man with red hair, black eyes and a abnormally big head. He almost looked funny but Mingo sensed that the man was dangerous. He was also a supreme hacker. This meant that if Mingo bungled this job, he would be hunted down and killed fast. This man had means and iron will. Mingo would have to be very careful. He had his own cabin which he enjoyed. The cabins were however, scanned by security cameras 24/7. Mingo had managed to sneak onboard the airgun and the pellets by hiding it inside his fishing rod that he had brought along and the pellets engraved under his shoes. Inside the fishing rod was also a dead wasp, preserved into Alcohol.

The Entity was growing restless. The vessel had proved harder to control. It had been close to detection when Mingo had started to examine his body. The Entity had now grown to its maximal size and the man suspected that something was wrong. The Entity had decided to leave the vessel when the time was right. It needed a body that was weaker but strong enough to do what the entity needed. The entity was watching what Mingo was doing with great interest. It now understood what he was doing. It could read his thoughts and go through Mingos memory. The parts where the entity had been in control were blank spots. It had decided to remain passive for now. It would bide its time carefully.

After six days Mingo rose from the bed at the first bell satisfied. He was ready. This day he had been chosen as one of the two security guards inside the restaurant. This would give him a good chance to shoot a pellet into the target. He had discovered a very small blindspot in his cabin where he was sure he was off camera. There he had assembled the small airgun and loaded it with a pellet of Ricin. It would have to do. One shot wonder. He smiled. He liked the odds. At noon he arrived with the other guard in the restaurant. The gun was hidden under his real gun in the holster. He was assigned to a position outside the Male lavatory. The red headed hacker arrived seconds later with two other people. He was wearing a white linen shirt and black jeans. They were rich and powerful. One was a well known politician that Mingo knew from before. The president of Jamaica. They sat down. ordered champagne and talked. Mingo did his job and guarded. The other guard was positioned by the far side of the big sliding glass door. He could not see Mingo from this angle. Perfect. Mingo knew the Hacker always dined for two hours and then retreated back to his quarters for the rest of the day. Now Mingo watched intently. The filet Mignon was served and the hacker seemed to relax. His hands seemed like claws while handling the cutlery with precision. The other person was a woman Mingo did not know. She was pretty. He had seen her somewhere before but his memory failed him. The small man suddenly rose from the table and excused himself. He then moved swiftly towards the lavatory where Mingo was standing. Mingo was ready. When the big headed man arrived in front of Mingo, he opened the door and let him pass. While doing this, Mingo's right hand was now holding the airgun that pointed towards the back of the man's left leg. Mingo's back was turned and the only person at the table looking towards him was the woman. The weapon was concealed by Mingos body. Mingo fired. The pellet penetrated the hackers leg and buried itself under the skin. The seal of the pellet was broken just after impact and seconds later the poison was absorbed by the bloodstream. At the precise moment of impact, Mingo flicked his right hand concealing the airgun. In his left hand was the dead wasp. The Hacker stopped in the doorway and scratched the back of his thigh. Mingo said smoothly. I saw the wasp sir. I killed it for you. The hacker looked at the dead wasp in Mingo's hand, nodded and then entered the lavatory. Mingo relaxed. It was done. Everything had gone according to his plan. Now he had to escape. Soon the hacker returned from the lavatory and regained the conversation at the table. Mingo was watching with interest. The hacker had started scratching his left leg. After a while he started to go pale. This was not good. The toxin was working way too fast. Mingo stayed calm and waited. The hacker stood up curtly after five minutes and said shakily, I am sorry. I am feeling a bit under the weather. I was stung by a wasp earlier and I have insect allergies. He smiled. We will catch up tomorrow when I am feeling better. The president of Jamaica looked puzzled. You really look bad my friend. Should we call a doctor?

The small red headed man waved this away. No no. I will be ok. The woman rose from the chair. She was dressed in a White Kaliah Hooded Kaftan and wearing Bottega Veneta Dot sandals. She had jet black hair and golden skin. Her eyes were very green. I will go with you my friend and make sure you are all right before I leave. She barked a command at Mingo. You there, Go with us and help me steady him. Mingo reacted straight away. Who ever this woman was, she was giving him opportunity. He moved over to the hacker. Are you all right sir. Just help me to my cabin you fool - the hacker answered. The president of Jamaica also rose from the table. Should I go with you. No no my friend, just relax and have your food and wine, the hacker barked while walking briskly towards the entrance door. They followed him across the deck and then passed the kitchen and then the hacker used a key card to open, and they proceeded to walk slowly towards the hackers quarters. He was struggling to walk now. His steps were unsteady and he was covered in his own sweat. He opened the doors to his private quarters and then suddenly collapsed forward after entering. Mingo watched as in slow motion the man's big head smashed into the glass cage at the left side of the room before Mingo had time to react. The force of the impact ruptured the hackers skull and the glass cut straight into his brain. The blood shot out like a red arrow, spraying the glass cage. The woman was the first to react. She ran to the hackers big desk and collected 3 of the smart phones. She hissed at Mingo. Come on then Mingo. I am Lela. Let's get the fuck out of here. Mingo was watching the big spider eat the man's brain but snapped out of the bizarre scene. Lela walked over and looked at the big spider. Jesus, she muttered. He smiled at her. Ok, What now? Actually I have a plan, smiled Lela. They left quickly and made sure the doors were locked. They walked fast through the levels of the ship as Lela started to bark commands at Mingo. I will take my leave now in my boat. You will help me load my luggage. Come on man, hurry up. Mingo responded, yes madam. The other guards smiled at the unfortunate rookie guard being hounded by the posh aggressive woman. They entered an elevator and took it down to the sea level in the main hull. One could actually sail a boat from outside and park inside the yacht. The sleek black speed boat was Lela's. Hurry and enter, she said. Mingo did what he was told and hid inside the speedboat. Seconds later the speedboat shot out of the Seabreeze hull like a bullet from a cannon and sped away into the darkness of the black sea.

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