Sultry - Ruby - Intense Handheld Wand Massager | Ready to Rock Your Body

If you are looking for a great massager to rock your clitoris, vagina or even just massage your body in general, Sultry - Ruby - Intense Handheld Wand Massager

for only $85.99 in our store is just a home run. This power house from Viben Toys will definitly take you to greater sexual hights and beyond that too..

What You Need To Know

The Sultry Ruby is a Powerful 20 function Wand massager bolstering 8 incremental speeds and a memory chip feature. Sultry is equipped with an incredibly strong rumble motor and flexible, bendable neck crafted of satiny silicone. Let Sultry seduce your innermost desires! With 20 powerful functions and 8 incremental speeds, the combinations are endless. Sultry's flexible, bendable neck and ergonomic handle is made of a satiny silicone. Waterproof and rechargeable, this wand massager will send intense vibrations to all of your e-zones or sore muscles. The tantalizing rumble of Sultry's bass motor concentrates its powerful vibrations in the head of the massager with no vibration transfer in the handle, making it comfortable to play for hours. Sultry is USB rechargeable and waterproof. Available in a deep red, Ruby color, this large wand massager is perfect for couples or solo play. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on and off.

• 20 Intense Vibrations

• 8 Variable Speeds

• Rumble Motor

• Memory Chip Feature

• No Vibration Transfer

• Ergonomic Handle

• Large Wand Massager

• Waterproof

• Premium Silicone

• USB Rechargeable

• RoHS Compliant

• Prop 65 Compliant

• 1 Year Warranty

Is It Good?

We were taken aback when we discovered just how powerful this massager really is. Foremost, it works great when using it during sex with a partner. It is big but as long as your partner has normal strength in his/ her hands it is easy to use while having intercourse. You also have many options and can choose from 8 different speeds, which should be enough for everyone to find their favorite. It is not discrete, so if you are going to travel with it handy, your purse better be big. That said, the Sultry Ruby is one hell of a sex toy, and it certainly made this writers' vagina vibrate in a very good way indeed. I came hard and brutal many times. The price is not bad either, we would argue that it can stand up to any other massager out there in higher price ranges,

Men can also use this to stimulate blood flow to the balls or stimulate the prostate. It can of course be used as a vibrator inside the vagina, but we advise caution if attempting this. It is very powerful, so get to know Ruby before you try, It will of course be insane if you try. For solo play, it is great. The rumble in the wand will engage you fully into action and your juices will flow. It also comes in a beautiful box. When we charged it, the time to completion was about one hour. This may vary depending on which country you live in. It lasted around 2 hours, we did not time this very acutely because we had fun. Should you buy it? Yes you should. This wand massager is magic.