Showdown | Chapter 23

The large drops of rain felt refreshing at first for John Martin and his crew, but combined with the wall of humidity that entranced them at all hours, it became tedious and challenging to traverse the ever entrancing jungle. They were sweating profusely, and they took turns on cutting away huge leaves and other obstacles in their way. The mosquitoes swarmed around them at all times and although John Martin had brought plenty of repellent it did not keep the giant insects away for long. At night, they slept in mosquito nets inside a big tent in which Joanna had collected before their departure. They traveled light, with only three hired natives that carried their supplies. Mingo carried a IMBEL AGLC . The standard Brazilian army rifle, while The Driver had chosen a Pump CBC caliber 12 gauge shotgun. The women were armed with Taurus PT-92 pistols 9×19 mm standard issue. John Martin however had finally decided on bringing two grenades and a huge machete. They witnessed the wonders of the jungle... Enormous wasps that hunted birds, the vultures circling above their heads and big insects that were busy carrying on with the chores of the day. Red snakes that slithered around the trees and the knee-deep mud slowed them down after days of heavy rain. Finally, Joanna Moses halted and pointed towards a clearing. From here on we must be very careful. The magus lives with very dangerous tribe. They use poison to torture anyone that trespass this area.

She looked at the group. John Martin smiled at her and for some reason it made her heart tingle. That god-damn old man. What was it about him. She had pondered his future proposal and watched him as he recollected crazy old stories from his life. He was so different from any man she had ever known. She sensed the iron will in him that had made him successful in life, and she had noticed the hard, greedy mouth and the haunting eyes that rarely missed anything. Still, he was old, and he liked to drink, smoke and fuck, he had told her. She liked that. A man's man. No bullshit. He also enjoyed his weed, which was of high quality. This man had saved the world from the Covid virus, but also created perhaps an even greater danger with cross-breeding the Nexus. He truly was a crazy bastard. She cleared her mind and smiled back at him. You step carefully, old man, ok? The rest of the group smiled at their little games. Mingo had told Lela when they were sitting together apart from the group that he thought they were a good match. Lela had to agree. Her father was a womanizer, but there was a new lift in his step every time he looked at Joanna. She had never seen him like this before. You be careful, young lady, I will put you across my knee and spank your little ass. She laughed. Is that a promise, old man? Believe it. Suddenly, Martin's gaze shifted. They are here, he said quietly. Out of nowhere, a large group of men had appeared like ghosts. They were surrounded. Joanna said quietly. Let me talk and don't touch any weapons. She turned towards the man in the front of the group that she knew was the leader. He was dressed in only a cloth that covered his privates.

Estamos aqui para ver a Maga. Ela está nos esperando, she said respectfully. The man nodded. Nós sabemos, continue dentro da caverna. Ela esta esperando por você.

Follow me. Joanna moved slowly through the clearing, and it was only then the rest of the group witnessed what she already knew to be there. A large hole in the ground. Some natives followed them downwards as they traversed the small man carved stairs. Large torches were burning on the dirt walls. Holy shit, exclaimed the driver. Is all of this carved by men? Some, but not all. It has existed a very long time, replied Joanna. They were at the bottom of the cave at last. Water was flowing through the walls in cylinder shaped pipes, carved into the walls. Amazing, exclaimed Lela. The air was cool and crisp. But they went yet further inside and the cave became even bigger. And there she was. The Magus. Her long body rested on the fur of a black panther. Her skin almost white and the long black hair seemed to embrace the beautiful large breasts. Not only that, but her abdomen was gaunt and covered with small pearls of sweat. John Martin felt physically the green eyes pierce through his body. Come here, John Martin. It was as she had not spoken at all. Behind her, a very large Furness was burning steadily. Martin stepped forward slowly. The Magus rose and moved towards him. She was completely naked, and the long legs were muscular. Her vagina was covered by a black bush that almost hid her large clitoris. Her buttocks were perfect. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. He had been told that this woman was more than a hundred years old. Now he could not accept that. Oh, but I am. She smiled at him. I am actually almost two hundred years of age, my son. You are beautiful, he answered. So are you, in your own broken way. I see you have recently made a good choice. She will be your beacon of light. She had read his mind. Her hand reached out toward his and grabbed it. The long nails dug into his skin. Yet my son. You have caused great danger. Therefore, you must cleanse the world of the entity. Yes. I understand, Martin answered. No one in the small group said a word. They were all completely transfixed by the master shaman. I will require some of your blood. She smiled at him. Then she made a cut on his arm and started sucking blood out of Martin. The sensation was incredible.

Almost sexual, but also painful. She retrieved the blood from her mouth into a small blue canister. Then she nodded to the three men waiting behind the visitors. Soon the encased entity was brought forward. The scull was visible through the white crystal. The magus slowly covered the crystal with Martins blood. It looked almost black in the dim light inside the cave. She ordered the men to make the furness increase. The flames soon roared. You will burn in the blood of your maker, she told the entity. And I will weave a spell so strong that it can never be broken or destroyed. Your spirit will be demolished and Aline with this man. Your creator. You will be encased in Nexus. You will become his spirit guide. Your existence will make him stronger, and make his family stronger. You will be his slave. Take off your shirt, she told Martin. Soon he stood before her, his body rank and even. Then the men put forth an iron plate and placed it inside the Furnace. There was a small hole in the plate. The magus continued. Bring the amulet. The men obeyed and presented her with a red diamond amulet, They placed the amulet directly under the hole. Afterwards, they lifted the crystal with the entity inside and carefully placed it on the metal plate above the amulet inside the furnace. Move back, the magus said. Martin, give me the piece of the Nexus I told you to bring. Martin retrieved the small box from his pocket. The magus started chanting slowly in a language not heard in centuries. It was almost like french, Lela later would recall, when she shared the memory of the incredible moment with her brother Leif. Slowly, the Nexus floated out of the small brown box. It looked like very thin silver beads. It traveled towards the furnace and slowly engulfed the crystal now burning inside the roaring flames inside the furnace. The magus relaxed. She clapped her hands. Drinks, she said simply. Come... Join me and watch as the evil burns. She smiled for the first time. They all sat down on the fur on the floor. What happens now? The Driver asked We will first drink, my boy, and then you will know soon enough. The driver leaned back and watched the magus. Never in his life had he laid eyes on a woman like her. Would you like to smoke later? The magus asked. One of my hobbies is to grow weed. And I can assure you, it is wonderful… They all accepted the offer. But first we must drink. The native men brought handsome glasses filled with Cachaça. You will find that this Cachaça is very different from the others of Brazil. She chuckled with delight, and then they toasted and drank. Lela started coughing. Holy shit. This is really strong. They all coughed, except Johan Martin. I like it, he said and smiled. I know you would, my son. Behind them, a green liquid started dripping from the burning crystal. It went down through the hole and landed neatly inside the amulet. Joanna was watching the drops fall. Is that the essence of the entity? She asked. No, it is the very soul of the entity liquefied, answered the magus. Is the entity dead then? Yes and no. The soul is intact. The soul of a virus can not be destroyed, but it is now powerless. The reason for collecting all the liquid from it will become clear later in your lives. What about all the sleeping viruses around the world, then? They are now also powerless and can not be activated. The magus laughed abruptly. More drink? They relaxed. The threat was over. One hour later, the dripping stopped. The amulet was then removed with huge pliers and placed inside a big block of ice. Afterwards, the shaman picked it up. She began to weave something yellow. A spiderweb that became solid matter within moments. It enclosed itself around the amulet. The blue diamond was now fortified, she slowly explained to them. She then gave the amulet to John Martin. Wear it always. If you were to lose it, it will find it's way back to you. The soul of the entity is now your slave, and you are its master. In time, you might experience other benefits from it as well. The diamond amulet felt very cool on his skin. The chain of the amulet was made of gold. He put it around his neck. The blue diamond shone green from within. The crystal in the furnace was gone. This calls for celebration, the magus said. The entire tribe now entered the cave. Soon the drums started to groove. Everyone was dancing except the driver. He was completely transfixed. He was watching the magus dance in front of the furnace that now was cold. Something had changed inside him. He undressed quietly and went to the magus. His penis was erect and strong. The magus grabbed him and sat down on his cock. While everyone was dancing around them, the magus and the driver mated. A red light started to glow inside the vulva of the shaman as the driver drove his cock into her very being. The next morning, they all gathered outside the cave in the open clearing. The magus was now dressed in a brown leather dress with an open split in the back. The dress did not cover her ankles, which were golden in morning sunlight. A big black pipe was presented to them. I promised you weed, the magus chuckled. And weed you shall have. Joanna Moses smoked first. She inhaled the marijuana in big puffs and felt cleansed of everything. John Martin followed her. He felt great. Perhaps better than ever. His body tingled. After they all had smoked, the time had come to leave. Lela looked at the driver. He was now standing beside the magus. I am sorry, but I will stay with her, my friends. Lela ran up to him and gave him a kiss. You do that, my friend. Mingo slapped him on the back. I guess you like older women...