Sex Toys for Women - How To Choose The Right One

Updated: Jan 11

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There is a jungle out there of products that all promise to deliver you the best bang for buck and the best sexual experience with the products they offer. So how will you know which sex toys that are the perfect for you`?


Like anything else, if you buy women sex toys online, we strongly suggest you do some proper detective work. Start by figuring out what kind of sex toy that might be the right for you. Here everything come into play. Does vibration pattern matter? And for goodness sake, does it actually have to look like a penis? Of course not. What really matters is that that it fits your needs!


Size really matters here and you want to make sure that the sex toys you eventualy decide on, will be a great match for your body and fantasies. Consider what you enjoy the most when you masturbate and have sex! If pleasuring yourself with one finger does the trick, a large or penis-looking vibrator might pack a little too much punch or stimulate way too many areas at once. On the other hand, if your partner is well-endowed or if the strap-on you use during sex isn't lacking size-wise, bigger just might be better.


There are five main pleasure sensations that people gravitate towards!

Internal, clitoral, an internal-clitoral combo, anal, and double penetration (vaginal + anal).

Most of the best sex toys for women are adaptable to your personal preference.

Now, if you are reading this and getting unsure about what that actally works best for you, then take the time to meditate on how you typically self-pleasure: Are you focusing on the clitoris, vaginal penetration, or both? Perhaps you prefer intense and localized sensations, or are sensations spread around the vulva the thing that really gets your juices flowing?

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Do you masturbate the same way every time, or do you need something special that can offer multifuntions that might take you all the way up the mountain to the promised land of multiorgasms? If you have no clue what so ever, a versatile vibrator might do the trick and give you a much needed insight into your own body and sex toys.

What to remember When Shopping for Sex Toys Online

Again, do the research but stay open minded. Although big companies like Amazon offer products for a very low price, the shipping and taxes might prove to be more expensive then what more spezialised companies offer. Service is also a big factor. Some companies will not care if your products gets destroyed after shipping them to your destination. It might be a good idea to pay a bit extra to make sure your items are intact. Comparison of price is always smart and will save you a buck. Remember, quality always wins and shopping sex toys online is like shopping any other product. If you only spend ten bucks on a sex toy and expect it to do miracles, it probably will not. Because of Covid the entire world is struggeling with shipping this year so

Material & Texture

Check out at what a sex toy is made of before buying it, it is your own body you will eventually use it on and safety is important. We highly recommend products made from silicone because it’s non-porous [meaning no toxic materials will get trapped inside and make their way into your body] and easy to clean with soap and water, making it healthy and safe for the body."

The other options you should look for includes metal, stainless steel, and hard plastic! Avoid gely rubber toys since it turned out many of these type of toys contained harmful phthalates, which are banned for use in children’s products but unregulated in bedroom toys. You certainly do not want that inside your body!

Also remember that this applies for lubricants as well. Remember that both warm and cold lubricants offers great pleasure and natural lubraicants are great in general.

Buying quiet sex toys is also an important factor. If you have thin walls between you and your neighbor it is probably not a good idea to buy a sex toy that buzzes like a chain saw. Also make sure that batteries are included. Many of the new sex toys on the market offers app solutions which is great. Have a look at the app before product purchase.

Decide On Budget & What to Shop

We strongly urge you to at least use 30 bucks on a sex toy. You will get more value for your money. It is like buying wine. If you buy the cheap ones it will probaly not be great and not paire well with food either. But in the mid range you can find rare jewels. After all -a sex toy is a luxury item and should be great. Also plan for the size of the product and storage. If you live in a small flat - a bangin sex bench might not be the optimal fit!

Finally, when the sex toy arrive, use it. Get to know it really well. You paid for it and you should have a fantastic time exploring your own sexuality.