The Most Popular Sex Toys For Men

Updated: Jan 4

There might be more pleasure products designed for women but there is no shortage in the variety of items specifically designed for men!

Couples Rings

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Also called ‘cock rings,’ they are often made of stretchy silicone, but can also be made leather, rubber or even metal. Placed around the base of the penis―or sometimes penis and testicles. Many of them, such as Tor 2, are designed with a motor that provides clitoral stimulation. It can also be flipped and applied to stimulate other parts of the body.

Cock rings are made from body safe silicone, leather, rubber or even metal.

Masturbation Sleeves

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A new world has opened up for men during the last decade, where as males have discovered that there are more ways to masturbate then just jerking off old school.

Men are now more modern and very comfortable with purchasing sleeves. This is simply because the products are well made, the price tags are within reason and they are awesome.

The Lelo F1 is a great choice for men that wants to experience deep pleasure.

Using powerfully intense dual motors, Cruise Control and Lelo's revolutionary SenSonic technology, F1s massages you with deeply sonic waves for an entirely new completely mind-blowing sexual experience. It's whole new worlds of high- performance pleasure.

An exclusive LELO demo app is included and your product is compatible with IOS and Android. Connected by Bluetooth, the app allows you greater and closer control over your personal pleasure. With the app, you truly put pleasure at your fingers!

Anal Plugs

Cheap butt plugs

Anal plugs can be used by anyone of any gender, anatomy or orientation; they’re one of the most distinctly shaped types of sex toys there are!

Generally speaking, they are designed to stay inserted in the body while the wearer is masturbating, having partnered sex, or even walking around during daytime or at work.

Materials used to make Butt plugs are typically silicone to glass to wood, anal plugs or butt plugs are a great way to introduce anal toys into your sex life. These anal sex toys come in various sizes from small and narrow to huge to suit your anal experience level. Many men enjoy extra anal plugs because they stimulate the prostate gland, which is similar to the female G-spot. Use a lubricant for anal use with your anal sex toys. Also pay extra attention to cleaning your anal plugs after use.

Prostate Massagers

the great prostate adult sex toys

It’s no secret that we think everyone should enjoy the intense pleasure of prostate stimulation!

While prostate massage can be achieved with fingers―and some anal plugs, depending on its size and your anatomy.

The Great Prostate is a good example of a good prostate massager.

Discover the joy of powerful prostate orgasms with this vibrating massager that not only vibrates with erotic intensity, but uses a separate flicking, rolling bead motor to tap on the prostate in exactly the right way to feel that extraordinary sensitivity. Ergonomically curved for easy entry with a flared base for safety. The Great Prostate is slightly flexible to move with your body and can be immersed completely underwater for bath time play.

Use the remote control yourself or give it to a partner to surprise you with 7 levels of intensity in each motor.


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Try something new, be open minded and really get to know your body and boundaries.

BDSM offers a variety of sensual and raw pleasure. Bondage is a preference that we get from our customers all the time and this has become very popular and grown into a billion dollar business. Roleplay is stimulating and creates a fantasy with a solid bridge into reality and ensures your senses to mature and also broadens your horizon greatly.