Sex Positions

By 2022, screens have taken over our lives and our relationships which make us actually more distant from our loved ones and that doesn't exclude sexual relationships.

It´s so much time spent rolling the feed of social media that it makes even harder than the past to spice up our sex life.

In the past, people that were more kinky used to check out Kama Sutra books or magazines to look of ways to impress the partner by almost breaking their necks trying to perform some of the Kama Sutra sexual positions, which is a way out to make things more exciting in bed.

But The Kama Sutra is neither exclusively nor predominantly a sex manual on sex positions, but rather was written as a guide to the art of living well, the nature of love, finding a life partner, maintaining one's love life, and other aspects pertaining to pleasure-oriented faculties of human life. It is a sutra-genre text with terse aphoristic verses that have survived into the modern era with different exposition. The text is a mix of prose and anustubh-meter poetry verses. The text acknowledges the Hindu concept of Purusharthas, and lists desire, sexuality, and emotional fulfillment as one of the proper goals of life. Its chapters discuss methods for courtship, training in the arts to be socially engaging, finding a partner, flirting, maintaining power in a married life, when and how to commit adultery, sexual positions, and other topics. The majority of the book is about the philosophy and theory of love, what triggers desire, what sustains it, and how and when it is good or bad.

However in the past, there were no or few gadgets that would help to perform these juggling sexual positions. And that why we are here for.

Below you will find sex position gadgets picked from Stuffgoodies Team to make your life easier. Hence, once you have read this article and purchased one of the gadgets presented below :D, get rid of your phone and social media, grab your partner and have fun.

Inflatable Position Master

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The slanted flocked design allows you to relax in any position without sliding off. The Grip love handles are perfect for maintaining difficult positions without losing your rhythm. The air seal valve makes inflating the wedge a snap and when the fun is over simply deflate the Position Master, fold it and keep in a safe place so you don't suddenly find your kids playing with it in your living room.

Inflatable Luv Log

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Squeeze, squirm, grind, and thrust your way to total satisfaction and enjoy incredible orgasms you never thought were possible! With the Inflatable Luv Log between your legs, you can get just the right angle every time and do it all with greater ease! This portable vinyl position pillow is lined with plush flocking and features a firm vibrating dildo mounted on top. With the grip position handles strategically placed all around the pillow, you can straddle the sex saddle, hold on for leverage, and enjoy a wild ride that you control! Get on top, choose a setting on the multi-speed dial, and let the powerful vibrations whisk you away! The firm PVC dildo is phthalate-free, body-safe, powered by a whisper quiet vibrating motor, and sculpted to excite. Try it alone or with a partner and you'll discover a variety of uses to achieve deeper penetration and longer love making sessions. It's not just a solo sex machine - it doubles as a position pillow to use with a partner! Bend your lover over the hump or place it under their thighs to prop them up. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun!

Unlike bulky and expensive sex furniture, the incredible Luv Log inflates in minutes and tucks away easily for storage when you're done. Take it with you when you travel and enjoy all the comforts of home when you're on the road. The flocked vinyl cleans up easily after the fun with a rag and warm water, and the PVC dildo can be sanitized with a toy cleaner and warm water. It holds up to 300 lbs Clean the pillow with a soft rag and warm water. Sanitize the dildo with a toy cleaner and warm water.

Inflatable Position Pillow

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Achieve positions you never thought possible! This inflatable pillow's slanted wedge shape adds comfortable cushioning and support to enhance your lovemaking instantly. Just lean on the pillow to achieve better, more satisfying angles. Easy grip handles and a velvety surface keep you in control and in place while you play harder, faster, and wilder than ever before. An air-sealed valve make inflating and deflating easy and discreet for fun at home or on a romantic getaway.

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And at last but not least, if you feel that the above sexual position furniture are too much you can also try our Sex Position Sudoku , it can help you to break the ice with your partner in case you feel that you need to talk around sex positions before you actually come into actions. Over 30 pages of fun and games for the bedroom! Keep things sizzling in the bedroom with Sexoku, the Ultimate Sex Positions Trivia & Game Book. Packed with playful puzzles, body teasing word searches and provocative trivia, you'll be hooked from page 1. Simply pull out your pencil and put your heads and bodies together. You'll be amazed at what new, exciting and sometimes quizzical sexual experiences you'll “figure out” in this little game book of pleasure!

Hopefully the tips above will help you improve thing in bed with your partner and make your sex life more real and interesting than the online life. Enjoy!