Review: Monogamy - Sexy Adult Board Game

Updated: Jan 10

Our Monogamy Board Game is very popular among the clientele so if you are still not sure if you should have it or not, we would like to share with you this Monogamy Game great review, originally posted at the Obsession Rouge website.

Monogamy is an adult board game, meant to be played by a couple. While it has been designed with heterosexuals in mind, homossexual couples can enjoy it too. Each action card has two actions (his and hers). Often either action can be chosen regardless of gender, though there are some exceptions. The scope of the game is pretty broad, so it doesn't really matter what sexual orientation you are. That said, the game (and wording of it) has been designed in a way that suggests sexual use. So if that bothers you, look elsewhere.

Inside of the box, you get a well-made game board that folds in half. There are 400 different ideas, on all of the cards (with three different intensity levels). The dice also feels really nice. The playing pieces are made of plastic and you add coloured plastic disks to them as the game progresses. The quality is relatively high. The rules are simple and easy to follow, However it's good to keep the rule booklet to hand on the first few games. For example, when you land on a "kiss" square, you have to kiss for a certain amount of time, in certain places, depending in what stage of the game you are. This also go for massage squares and several others.

Differences to Monopoly

While Monogamy's lay out and name make one think of the classic game Monopoly, this board game is totally different. Here are some of the ways it is different.

  1. Monogamy has been simplified. You don't buy any property, deal with rentals, tax or fines, and you don't go to prison (as happens in Monopoly). There is also no pseudo currency and the rules are more straightforward.

  2. Monogamy has completely different and adult-themed action squares. If you land on one of the many action squares of Monogamy you could be asked to remove a piece of clothing or to kiss.

  3. Monogamy has a circular design and the imagery, colors and text look completely different.

  4. In Monogamy there are 3 different stages of play: intimate, passionate and steamy. There are special fantasy cards, that you also pick up everytime you pass the starting "Go" square.

  5. The playing pieces of Monogamy are basic and don't resemble anything (as they do in Monopoly). That's a shame actually, it would have been fun to use a mini dildo as a playing piece!

Board setup and basic overview of the rules

The board itself is arranged in a circle. Each square on the board represent different actions. The repeated action squares can be landed on more than once in the same round. There are then three special squares (massage parlor, erogenous zones, erotic dancing).

On kissing squares, you can kiss your partner only on the areas stated in the rules (this area varies depending on what stage of the game you are in). For strip squares, you remove an item of clothing. If you land on an action square, you select a card from the deck, of your current level. With heart squares, you can do any action you like. The other repeated squares are self explanatory.

When you land on the massage parlor, you or your partner gets a massage (the rules dictate where for how long). The erogenous zone square means that one of you will get the erogenous zone licked, caressed or nibbled. The erotic dance square is self explanatory and again, the rules dictate the length of time to perform it, etc.

Every time you pass "Go", you progress a level in the game. You spend two rounds in each level (there are represented by colored disks you place on your playing piece). You also select a "Fantasy Card" when you pass "Go". You should only ever keep two fantasy cards at a time, so you have to put back the ideas that you don't want. Whoever reaches the end of the game first can then choose one of their fantasy cards to come true.

Experience Playing Monogamy

We have played the game several times and have enjoyed it on every occasion. Usually, we play from the starting level "intimate" which contain quite tame actions. We also once played it from the highest level "Steamy" because we wanted to move on to sex more quickly. In both cases, Monogamy is a very exciting game to play. In the rules, are several different suggested ways of playing the game, making it last longer or shorter amount of time.

There are several things you need to play a full game with Monogamy:

  • Finger food

  • A drink. Could be champagne!

  • Clothes for the strip action cards,

  • A timer.

So what if you don't want to eat or drink? This is where things get interesting for Monogamy. You just have to choose a different action for those squares instead. I suggest just making it a card square, where you pick up a card and perform an action.

Certain people will be put off by some actions that Monogamy game suggests. For example, it sometimes suggests you film yourselves having sex, or suggests you try anal fingering or anal sex. It is a game that can impress even the most kinky people, so it has a lot of ideas. If you dislike some actions that it suggests, you can simply put the card down and select another. There should be no pressure to do exactly as the game instructs. It's meant to be fun after all.

Wrapping up

Monogamy is a great way to spice up your sex life. We are happy to recommend it to anyone. Even though the game has many actions, we wouldn't personally enjoy doing, we can't deny that Monogamy has something for everyone.