People Buy Sex Toys More Than Ever

Updated: Jan 10

Meet Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus!

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There is no doubt that peoples' interest in sex toys has increased in recent years. This trend will become even clearer in the future, says a sexologist.

She highlights one product in particular as women's big favorite: "Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus".

- I'm not surprised that this is a bestseller. It has been a big favorite since it was launched which is not surprising since it stimulates thousands of nerve fibers in the clitoris at the same time.

The sexologist. can not praise the unique vibrator enough!

Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus is so good that once you try it, it will be hard to stop.

It is completely silent and can also be used in the shower.


The new Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration will make all your dreams of desire come true: If the deeply stimulating Airpulse technology of the Pro 2's previous version brought you to unforgettably intense orgasms, then hold tight because the new, additional vibration function of its successor will catapult you straight to cloud 9, or perhaps 9000!

The third generation of the Satisfyer Pro 2 gets a magical vibration' upgrade. Its previous style of clitoral stimulation through intense pulsations, popular throughout the world, has now been combined with supremely erotic vibrations which set the rim of the lay-on head into joyful motion.

The skin-friendly ring made of medical silicone encloses your pleasure bead and caresses the inner area with 11 different non-contact pressure-wave intensity settings. Meanwhile, a separate set of controls makes the outer ring vibrate around your clitoris in 10 intensity settings. The result? Pure ecstasy - your clitoris would sing with joy if it could!

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