Pdx Elite Moto Bator X - Holy Shit

Updated: Jan 7

Pdx Elite Moto Bator Review

Frank and Johnny were smoking a joint and surfing the web together, getting waisted and checking out videogames, porn, music and all the stuff young guys tend to lean towards at the fresh age of twenty. Did I tell you about this new website I checked out the other day? Frank looked at Johnny that slowly shook his head and flipped open a can of Heineken. No, show me. Johnny looked up at the big screen on the wall. Frank nodded and smiled. The yellow banana was the first thing Johnny noticed. Stuffgoodies? Yup, they sell sex toys and a bunch of other stuff. I see. Johnny looked at the front page of the web shop. It looks pretty cool! Show me the menu he said. Frank hovered over the mega menu in the site. Jesus they have a lot of products. Yes! Answered Frank with a smile And the cool thing is that this site is cheap and has fast shipping. Anyway, check this out. He clicked in one of the masturbators in the menu: Pdx Elite Moto Bator X!

Johnny was transfixed by the picture of the sex toy. What the fuck is that thing? That, my friend is a top notch masturbator for guys. Made by Pipedream. Frank smiled again. Shit man, masturbators.. I want pussy, real pussy. Johnny drank some more beer. He was not impressed. Ok I will make you a bet. If you say the same thing after testing it, I will buy the rounds next time we go partying. Oh yeah! Johnny perked up. Yes you motherfucker. Frank laughed. They smoked more weed. Ok I will try it but we have to buy it first then!

How much is that thing? It's only fifty dollars plus shipping. But it so happens that I have already bought the fucker. Frank took the Pdx machine out of the box. Holy shit. Frank cracked up. You bastard. Remember, if you agree that the Pdx elite is better than a real pussy, then you are getting the drinks! You're on! Said Johnny. Ok let's test the motherfucker.

Johnny took his limp cock out of his pants. So what do I do? Just put your cock into it. Answered Frank. Johnny did just that. Hit the on button. Do you see the other button? That controls the stroking patterns and you can increase the speed and feel. You can also change other shit but I don't think we will need to. Frank puffed the joint, then took out a bottle of cheap Absolute Vodka from the fridge. You need porn? Hell yeah! Black girl? No, Spanish. Ok you got it. Soon the live porn with a sleek Spanish girl filling the big screen on the wall. Johnny picked the first start pattern and the Pdx Elite started working on his dick that already had grown and started to get hard. That feels fucking good. Johnny was really surprised. He had never tried a masturbator before. Test another pattern said Frank and filled up two glasses with vodka, ice lime and seven up. Drink some of this too. Can't stop now, panted Johnny. The thrusting speed of the Pdx Elite Moto Bator had increased and was now polishing his dick like it was the finest silver wear in an English mansion. The girl on the screen was using a big dildo now. Ramming her ass with it. Johnny exploded into the Pdx Elite and his hips were shaking. Holy Shit! He hollered. That thing is insane. Frank stopped his timer on his iPhone. That took only two minutes from start to finish. Now, ache this rubber part with you and wash it well! Frank opened the Elite Moto Bator X, took out the part that needed to be cleaned and gave it to Johnny. He went to the bathroom. After he came back and sipped the vodka he smiled. That was really something else. I know right! Frank laughed. So for your review. Was it better than real pussy? Johnny puffed the joint and grinned his stupid smile through the tight lips of his.

I never thought I would say this but it was better that any pussy I ever had.

Can I try it again?

The Pdx Elite Moto Bator X is available in stuffgoodies at the current price of only $50.00.

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