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What is the most popular Adult Candy?

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Today is all fun and sensual day because we are finally going to dive right into our huge collection of edible candy. We sell plenty of it, and we are going to have a look at our bestsellers this month.

But first… For those of you that are new to adult candy, let's get some facts cooking, shall we!

What is Adult Candy?

Edible sex accessories began in the heady days of the sexual revolution of the ’60s. When they began, every sexual device was relegated to seedy sex stores, or billed as having more respectable uses (think “home massager” instead of “vibrator.”) Even the term “sex toy” is a coy dodge: “We displaced the awkwardness of using machines as sexual aids by turning these aids into novelty objects, or toys,” writes Hannah Smothers for Fusion. But a new crop of expertly engineered, elegantly designed vibrators and dildos is helping to elevate these products into something of a standard home appliance. Are edible sex products going in the same direction, or are they doomed to bachelorette party hell for eternity?

Early sexual lubricants were naturally flavored, because most of them were also foods. Olive oil and aloe were natural choices, and supposedly so was a slippery substance that comes from grating Chinese yam. But these were used as sexual necessities—aloe may taste nice, but the point was its function, not its flavor. It’s not hard to imagine that many people may have incorporated edibles into their lovemaking, but to mark the beginning of edible sex products as an industry, we go to 1969.

Has The Taste Improved?

The answer is yes. In the beginning it did not taste good and this was a problem, but swish along to present date, and you will find that the taste overall will match your favorite candy (well perhaps not Snickers and ice cream). Anyway, it is all about the sensuality of combining some of our favorite activities… Sex and sweets. Yes, there is no way around this. People love to Fuck, eat, drink, smoke and not necessarily in that order.

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Our Best Seller This Week

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