Part Two | The Sisters

Updated: Jun 22

The cold wind caressed the candy red Tesla model S in the clear morning light as the electric car moved smoothly on the icy road. Leif Martin was feeling fresh and rested, although he had been driving for six hours straight. The recent events in his life had definitely wet his appetite and propelled him into action. The coffee he had picked up at the last gas station was cold by now, but he drank it anyway. He was listening to Coldplay while scanning the last weather forecast on the big screen in front of him. It did not look good. A storm was brewing only hours ahead, and he might get caught up in it unless he really picked up the pace. Leif was a good driver, and he pushed the car to the limit, He was driving through Veodalen in the direction of Glitterheim, but the local cabin area was not his final destination. Soon he should be able to see it. A lean road leading further into a part of the valley that regular tourists were not allowed to enter. He had been warned that the road would only take him to the very beginning of the slope he needed to follow. From there on, he would have to cross ski for ten kilometers to reach the resort He almost drove past the hidden road but luckily he had plotted the coordinates into the navigation map of the Tesla. There was a hundred-meter drop on his left side, and the ice on the road was treacherous. But the road had been plowed recently and sanded. It was not like him to do something like this. He was an analyst for gods sake and not prone to crazy adventures like his sister Lela or his crazy father for that matter. Still here he was. On his own in the deep of the Norwegian mountains. His body was in excellent physical shape, and he was an avid skier. His blond hair was cut very short and his arms were muscular after endless hours in the gym. He was a tall man and his shoulders were broad. His eyes were like those of his father, but with a gentler warmth to them. His nose was long and straight, and the yellow mustache made his appearance dynamic.

After driving for almost one more hour, the road ended abruptly. And there incredibly was a small garage. He opened it and parked the Tesla inside. Soon the car was charging. He dressed in wind resistant ski suit and mounted the rucksack on his back. It was December the 23, and he was looking forward to spending Christmas in the majestic nature, surrounded by the large mountains. He had spent a large part of his childhood in Jotunheimen, and he knew large parts of the national park, however, this area was unknown to him. One week before, he had not even been aware of its existence. Although he was a Martin down to his very core, he did not share the love of expensive wines like the rest of his family. Leif enjoyed beer. He opened a bottle of a special IPA made by his own brewery and let the beer jazz him up while taking in the grand landscape. The snow was smooth. Pure white powder. He had judged the weather correctly. The prep on his skis would ensure a good slide on the snow. He closed the garage and got ready. He had brought a small rifle and a hunter's knife along with extra clothes, some chocolate, more beer, rolling tobacco, medicals and other practical stuff he might need. The rucksack was heavy, but he would take it easy and as long as the weather was stable he would be there in just one hour or two tops. He had brought a satellite phone with him in case of trouble. Leif began the journey and slowly glided along in the morning sun. It was nine am now, and the sun was still shining, but not as bright as earlier. A slight breeze started to form and in the distance the mist was growing. The open landscape gave him the feeling of peace. The tall mountain to his left around twenty kilometers away gave the impression of movement, but Leif knew this was only due to the extreme lighting conditions that the elevated altitude provided. His mind went back to the week before. It had been a regular night out at a party in Asker. The family hosting it was a well known oil shipping brand in Norway, and Leif knew them from his days in the business prep school he attended in his youth. The Tengen family. Crazy rich people. It was a typical night. Everyone was drunk, and the party was just gaining traction on Leif's arrival. He decided to play some poker first and entered the game room in the large villa. He was a good poker player. and won some large rounds. But Leif was soon collected by the oldest brother in the family. Anders Tengen. Hey Leif. Forget this poker shit. Tengen was blasted out of his mind with a glass of whatever in his hand. I have someone I want you to meet. Ok, ok, I am coming. Leif got up, bid the other players good luck, and followed Anders Tengen through the green dining room and outside into the huge botanical garden. Standing with two other guys, dressed in the typical sad Norwegian business suits, was a very tall woman. Her hair was red and cropped short, her skin light and beautiful Her eyes caught his as Anders Tengen shouted. Hey, meet my good friend Leif Martin. She looked at him with a certain interest and seemed to size him up as Leif shook hands with other the guys. Her eyes were deep green, her lips formed a flirty smile when she spoke to Leif. Finally, I get to meet someone from the infamous Martin Family. I am Liz. Nice to meet you. Leif let his eyes run over her body. She was thin with broad hips and small breasts. They were however beautifully shaped and her arms were long and muscular. Anders tells me you like to ski? I love it. Always have, he answered. He noticed she was drinking a Heineken beer.

She was wearing a black satin dress with an open back. It was formed like a beautiful mountain. Great crevasses went all the way from the peak and displayed a muscular, yet feminine body. It had a sexy sway to it. He loved that. She was as tall as him, and although she was thin, he noticed the shape of the buttocks beneath the dress. The split reviled long white legs. She noticed his gaze. See anything you like, Mr Martin. Her voice matched her looks. Sensual and erotic at the same time. Yes, I do, he answered with a sly smile while smoothly lighting her cigarette. She smiled. So do i. She moved closer to him, and he caught her scent. It was organic. Elisabeth Warden was a distant cousin of the Tengen family, She was in her late 30's and the heir to a large fortune. She shared the fortune with her sister. and she told Leif that she had just opened a small private mountain resort for the rich in Jotunheimen. You must be very well-connected. That area is protected by the government, commented Leif. Someone owed me a favor, she answered with a cheeky smile. Really. Jesus, not bad, laughed Leif. Actually I am going there tomorrow to prepare a small party and I will be there for a month. Would you like to come and visit this Christmas? He looked at her surprised. Well… Yes. I would. My family is abroad at the moment, so it would suit me well. Come with me, she whispered in his ear and grabbed his hand lightly. He noticed the strenght in her grip. She led him past a gang of waisted people dancing and almost dragged him into another part of the house. There she looked around swiftly before pulling him into a large bathroom and locking the door. She swayed into his body and slowly let her hand moved down his chest, and finally it rested on his cock. She did not speak, but knelt down slowly and opened his pants. His cock was above the boxer already, throbbing hard. She pulled out his dick and grabbed his balls at the same time as she started sucking his dick while her other hand moved to his asshole. Furthermore, she expertly found the magic spot and began massaging it lightly. Her big green eyes looking up at him. It did not last long. Leif exploded into her mouth and she swallowed his cum. After she had sucked him dry, he kissed him with fresh cum on her lips. Come visit me, she laughed.. She gave him a business card and left him there in the bathroom with his pants down. Leif relived the moment in his mind. What an extraordinary woman. So fucking hot. He would spread that ass and... His thoughts were cut off as he noticed the movement on his right side. Around one kilometer away, he could make out three dark shapes. It looked like wolves. At the same time, a strong northern wind started to blow and the snow started to fall rapidly. He looked at his smartphone. The signal was still good. Only three kilometers left. He felt the small gun on his hip. It was loaded. The rifle on his shoulder was an old Remington he had used many times hunting large prey in various countries. There! He spotted the lake. His plan had been to go around it, but in this weather it might prove tricky because the trail he walked was almost gone because of the changing weather. He decided to test the strength of the ice on the lake. It seemed sturdy enough, and would save him time. Suddenly he heard the howl of a wolf. It was close. Less than a hundred meters away. That was that. He entered the lake slowly and let the glide of the skis do the work. The weight he carried was heavy on his shoulders, and his breathing escalated. He had only moved fifteen meters out on the ice when he looked back and saw them. Three big grey wolves. They had followed him. The aim was bad. This was real trouble. The largest one stopped by the bank and hesitated for a second, then it moved onto the ice. The snow had not covered the ice completely, and he could see the murky darkness beneath. He kneeled and took out the rifle in one swift motion and fired above the wolf. It stopped, unsure. Then it sprang towards him. He reloaded quickly and fired three meters ahead of the attacking wolf. The bullet hit the ice and within two seconds the ice broke under the paws of the advancing wolf. He fired again and as the empty casings flew past him the ice broke, and the wolf lost it's footing and went in the cold waters.. But the ice was breaking fast, and he got up and moved as swifltly as he could to the left, just as the ravine opened under him. He glided as fast as he could. The sound of the ice breaking behind him. Finally, he entered the firm snow on the other side of the small lake. He was panting wildly. That was fucking close. He opened the rucksack and drank an entire beer. His nerves slowly calmed down. And then he saw it. Three large wooden buildings surrounded by tall fence. Leif Martin opened the gate and entered in the direction of the largest construct. He could barely see anything because of the raging winter storm. He took off the skis, left the rucksack outside, opened the large door and entered.

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