What Men Really Think About Women Not Shaving Downstairs

Updated: Jan 7

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You Might Be Surprised!

To shave or not to. That is certainly a very real brainpick for most women.

This also changes over time as the woman gets older and perhaps stops to do what the ever bombardment of ads she is exposed to from youth dictates.

1. Does it really matter?

A lot of women spend so much time obsessing out eyebrows, hair, weight and their appearance in general, that perhaps, some of her natural beauty gets lost in the translation of her upgrade. But does the upgrade really mean that much to men?Probably not! If a man is turned on by a woman and decides to get naked with her in bed and enter inside her, he has already made his choice. Would he have made this choice if the woman was all natural in appearance? Probably yes. Men have a reputation of being cave hunters that will fuck anything that moves and this might be true. But men are also capable of great sensuality. This sensuality is also always in motion when approaching the other sex because of their mission in life to spread their seed. This might mean that men can see past the shiny fasade and glimpse the real woman behind the make up.

This brings us to the female bush. We have asked six men about their preferences and their answers might not be what you expected:

It's Her Choice

My wife has a beautiful body even after giving birth to three children. Sometimes she shaves and sometimes she goes natural. I think she has earned the right to do what the fuck she wants!

Non Shaven is Pretty Gross

I like my woman smooth as silk. I don't enjoy getting my mouth filled with hair and she prefers that i shave my cock too. This also makes sex better in my opinion.

A Bit Of Bush Adds Mystery

For me, sex is about exploration and a bit of bush adds more musky smell from a woman's pussy. This turns me on. I don't enjoy pussy that looks like a ribbed chicken.

Big yes to that.

I Don't Really Care

My woman likes to trim the bush during summertime and I like that. But during autumn she relaxes and only trims slightly. Then throughout the winter she is usually all natural. I don't really care because it's her body and I am in no position to tell her what to do anyway. She follows the seasons and I dig it!

I Want Bush

I am all in on full neanderthal bush on my woman. It makes sex so much organic and the sex is more wild I think. I like to eat the bush. And why the fuck bother to shave at all? I am a very hairy man so it would be pretty silly if I was to tell my woman to shave. I do draw the line on a full ass beard though.

Smooth Always Wins

I like my drinks smooth, my car smooth, my clothes stylish and my woman's pussy so smooth you could shot a puck from it. I keep my dick clean as a whistle and expect my girlfriend to do the same. It also looks better when the vagina is trimmed because i really enjoy to look at it when I eat the pussy. Imagine if i just let the bush above my dick grow like the Sherwood forest. No Sir, I want the shit clean!