New Things to Try in Bed!

Updated: Jan 11

new things to try in bed, new things to try in bed with your boyfriend

In life everything sooner or later becomes routine and sex is no exception. Many couples does simply not have the time or energy to do foreplay before the main act. But they should! The rewards are almost endless!

Create Intimacy

Dimming the lights, turning on sensual music, pouring a glass of really good wine will take you far! But Vodka is the winner to get a man ready!

The thing is, masturbation is an act of self-care.

Many men grow up thinking that self-care is self-indulgence and somehow unmanly.

The truth is, just like women, men have their best sex when relaxed, at ease, and in their element.

Switch Sex Positions

You might learn to enjoy sex from a position you never used to like if you stay open minded and also explore your partner's body. Use your senses to guide you and communicate to your partner when you like it.

couple masturbation, couples masturbating, new things to try in bed

Take It Slow

The habit that forms in a mans youth when he earns to explode is no joke.

This can actually exacerbate the problem of premature ejaculation.

Take it easy and really feel his body and skin. It will turn you on too! Suck his penis slowly while stroking his balls! Do not use your teeth! The penis is more tender than you think!

Use A Proper Lubricant

A proper lube will heighten the sensations and open the door wide open for new learning. If you are going to make a partner happy, then you need to really know your body. No one likes a blind driver that goes to fast and crashes.

There Is More to A Penis Than Just The Shaft

You really sell yourself short by focusing just on the head of the penis.

While the corona (the ridge around the head of your penis) and the frenulum (the underside where the head and shaft meet) have more nerve endings than any other place on your genitals there are other pleasurable places to explore.

Pay attention to his balls, try gently pulling on them or caressing them as you stroke him. Keep massaging the perineum just behind the balls, and press down on the perineum during and after climax to intensify the orgasmic sensation.

Discover The Prostate

Women have their G-Spot and we men have our prostate.

Yes, that gland just inside your anus.

Many guys don't like the thought of anal stimulation, but for those men who get over it, an ocean of sexual pleasure awaits on the other side.

If you want to try it make sure that you wash your hands and trim your fingernails.

Then lube up your fingers or a small toy and start by caressing and stimulating the rim of his anus.

Get it nice and relaxed before inserting just a little bit.

Then again, use your senses and feel his ass. You will discover the prostate. Use the same movements tenderly as when rubbing your clit! You will soon find yourself on the right track when your man goes bananas and discovers something new about himself.

Swallow His Sperm

Many men is turned on by women tasting their sperm. The act creates loyalty. However, not all women are willing to do this. But most men enjoy to taste the juices of their women. Same thing! You might find that it tastes better than you think!

More Educational Post On New Things To Try in Bed and Off Bed Will Follow!

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