New Sex Toys

Updated: Jan 11

Happy new year to you all. We are kicking 2022 off with a HUGE sale on ALL products in our store from CalExotics. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the brand, here are some facts:


CalExotics founder Susan Colvin has been dedicated to the company’s mission of creating female-friendly intimate products for more than two decades.


After the company was founded in 1994, CalExotics quickly earned a place on the map despite being involved in a male-dominated industry. Today, it’s the feminine-focused guiding principles behind the company that have contributed so significantly to our success. CalExotics has won multiple industry awards for our company, product lines and individual products due to the superior performance and quality of our sex toys.

They service the needs of intimate products retailers worldwide through our network of manufacturing and distribution facilities.

The Products

CalExotics sex toys have won over women and men alike thanks to their carefully designed features made with pure pleasure in mind. CalExotics have become the leading innovators in the industry thanks to our commitment to reigniting romance and passion in relationships. Driven by female perspectives and the all-female product development team who work hard to deliver user-friendly products that offer an exceptional sensual experience time and time again, CalExotics sex toys feature premium materials and come with warranties to ensure your satisfaction. Check out our entire collection of superior sex toys from CalExotics to discover products to enhance your intimate experiences and increase your sexual satisfaction.

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