Naughty Ties Promo - Bang

Updated: Jan 7

Let Your Fantasy Become Reality!

Eve was tied up. And she was waiting. What would she do to her? Eat her clit, Finger her ass? Use other sex toys? Would she be gentle the way Eve liked it? Or would it become brutal? Eve had only tried bondage once before and she had not liked it. The man she was with at the time was too dominant. Eve decided afterwards that bondage was not for her. But now she was together with Linda and she was the best that had ever happened to Eve by far. Linda was very sexy and liked to try stuff out. When Linda had first suggested to her to try the Naughty Ties from Stuffgoodies, Eve had declined. It was simply not for her. But Linda's persuasive powers were formidable and after a while Eve had finally given in. It will be great! Linda had smiled her catlike grin and tied her up with the Naughty Ties. Eve Tried to wiggle out out the red satin ties but could not. Her hands and feet were bound tight but not so tight that it cut off her blood flow. The reversible satin blindfold felt silky smooth. It also covered her eyes perfectly. She had to admit that she was excited. Her vagina was moist and she was getting warm. Eve was naked in their master bedroom. The king-size bed that Linda had insisted on purchasing was soft and fluffy. Her legs were spread out and her arms naughtily tied to the bedpost. She was tanned from swimming in the ocean all summer and the autumn breeze that blew in through the large window was nice and smooth on her brown skin. Suddenly she heard the bedroom door open with a slight creek. She detected a small giggle. Is that you Linda? She asked. Yes! Answered Linda. Now flip over on your belly. Eve did what she was told. The next thing she felt was a tongue in her ass. It was slowly drilling her tiny asshole, but at the same time she felt hands on her clitoris, gently massaging her tiny bud in just the right way. Someone that was not Eve was kissing her lips. Eve started to moan and soon her voice rose with the tempo of the hands and mouths that were working on her body. She could hear a slight hum now too. And then the bullet slowly opened her pussy and started to slide inside her. Hands were now touching her all over her body. The first climax started to build when the bullet went even deeper. It shifted speed now and her pussy was massaged and eaten all over. Juices were dripping. Eve could see it in her mind. This was just like the fantasies she had when she was only twenty years old. Something inside her ripped open and the largest orgasm she had ever experienced, exploded inside her and she screamed and kept squirting pussy juice long after the first thunder of the orgasm had left her body. Then the bullet entered her ass and her hips started to shake. She could not control her body anymore. The orgasms kept building like tidal waves inside her vagina and Eve climaxed again when two hungry mouths sucked her nipples and bit them playfully. But it did not end. The bullet was faster now and was being slowly thrust back into her vagina. Eve screamed out like a wounded animal and gripped the red satin ties as Linda and the three other girls started to drill her wet ass and tight pussy with the magic vibrator from XR Brands Bang.

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