Medellin Cartel: Roger Reaves: Smuggling Drugs for Pablo Escobar

Updated: Jan 10

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Talk about juicy stories. This man has LIVED!

Quick Background info on Mr Roger Reaves

William Roger Reaves is one of the most prolific drug smugglers in history, working for Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel Reaves employed Barry Seal as a pilot in many of his drug smuggling operations.

In his memoir Smuggler 2016, Reaves claims that Seal paid millions in bribes to the Clintons when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas in order to land planes carrying cocaine at Mena, Arkansas.

Roger Reaves served over thirty cumulative years in prison and escaped five times. He spent time in German, Australian, and American penal institutions, while supported by his wife throughout. He was shot down twice while in an aircraft and was tortured in a Mexican jail. In his own words, he is an "adventurous person".

About His Book

Roger Reaves grew up a poor farm boy in Georgia and went from making 'Moonshine' to Becoming One of the Most Prolific Smugglers of the 20th Century for Pablo Escobar. He covered six continents, transporting 20 ton ship loads of hash, tons of cocaine, and completed more than 100 sorties across the US border with plane loads of marijuana.

His friends and associates spanned the globe. From Medellin Cartel kingpins Jorge Ochoa and Pablo Escobar; to "Mr Nice "Howard Marks" and the infamous Barry Seal who was Rogers close friend and employee. Seal was also the inspiration for the movie American made, starring Tom Cruise as Barry Seal.

Roger Reaves escaped from prison on five separate occasions; was shot down in both Mexico and Colombia; and tortured almost to death in a Mexican prison. Despite it all, Roger still has a twinkle in his eye as he recounts his life story.

And you have probably never heard of him...till now.

We highly recommend the book.