Lagavulin | 16 Years Old

Updated: Jan 11

lagavulin, lagavulin 16, lagavulin scotch

Imagine that you are sitting on a beach in Glenmorangie. The weather is great but you are slightly bored of the usual drinks. Suddenly the weather changes and it becomes cold. You decide to go home to warm up. The temperature by now has dropped down to only 10 Celsius and it is freezing! But you have a fireplace. You get the wood and get a nice warm fire burning and then you call a couple of friends. But what to drink?

For times like this there’s Lagavulin 16. It’s peaty, medicinal, pungent, smoky, a Band-aid factory in the throes of catastrophic meltdown, and when you really need it, nothing else will do.

lagavulin, lagavulin 16, lagavulin scotch

Lagavulin Distillery is located on the southern coast of the island of Islay, is one of the world’s most famous Scottish distillers. It was founded in 1816, and eventually made its way into the Diageo portfolio, where it’s one of the six whiskies to make up the Classic Malts of Scotland series. All of Lagavulin distillate is made with heavily peat-smoked malt, giving its products that signature reek and pronounced maritime character that leads many to point to it as the canonical Islay whisky. In addition to the use of peat-smoked barley from the nearby Port Ellen Maltings, the distillers at Lagavulin credit relatively long fermentation times (at least 55 hours) and a slow secondary distillation process as key aspects to developing Lagavulin Scotch unique flavor.

This whisky you have to drink slowly to enjoy it. Swirl in around in your mouth to really enjoy the complex nature of this special drink.

We highly recommend this whisky. It is perfect for cold winters or even a hot summer's day!


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lagavulin, lagavulin 16, lagavulin scotch