Join Us In Clubhouse: Drop-In Audio Chat

Updated: Jan 7

We are finally in Clubhouse and are AMPED-UP about it!

For a long time we have been fed up with the restrictions Facebook/Instagram restricted rules on online businesses, especially adult industry! And because our big sex toys' collection is linked to both social platforms, they don't allow us to do any paid advertisement.

Only showcase them! And it sucks!

Right now we have been waiting around 30 days for Instagram response on our account ban, because some of our products are too much for them ( In this case - a flogger)!

Instagram does not offer any customer service, no info on WHEN they might be done scratching their asses and actually give us ANY information about our Instagram account and IF we still have it. Facebook and adult content just don't mix. It's like going into a bar on a dark Friday after work. You have been looking forward to a drink. You order a whisky, and then the bartender gives you a glass of shitty milk.

Many months back, in 2020, we were looking for a better way to showcase our products, and THEN we slowly started hearing talks about the Clubhouse app.

We quickly realized that we needed an iPhone and an invitation to become part of it.

Luckily, we got invited after a while and we are completely stoked about how good it is.

What do we plan to chat about in Clubhouse?

  • Sexual awareness in 2021.

  • How Sex Toys can help during the pandemic.

  • Sex Dolls and why people buy them.

  • Funnel down Sex Toys per gender.

  • Understand the needs of our current and future customers.

  • And have a great time talking to people about whatever they want.

We hope you follow us in Clubhouse and participate in our rooms.

Subscribe to our club to keep up with when we have chat rooms.

See you in Clubhouse!

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