Joanna Moses | Part Two | Chapter 21

Updated: Jan 19

Jesus, the dog was tired. His paws were bleeding from the constant strain of running for days and not eating. His fur had almost lost the natural glow, and the dog's tongue had turned gray. Still, Jesus was moving but slowly. The entity was aware of the vessel's distress but still he drove the animal relentlessly forward. The hill Jesus was now climbing was very steep, and the dog struggled to find solid footing. After almost falling from a small ledge, Jesus finally crawled to the top of the small mountain and lay very still. He was barely breathing now. The entity also rested for one hour. Then it started to send out a signal that reached every cell that still lingered everywhere that the Entity had been since it had escaped the lab while inside Mingo's head. The tiny cells still lingered on people's skin, pavements, hotel rooms, everywhere and everything that Mingo had touched while traveling and on the run. The microscopical cells were floating in the air, and they had been carried across borders, being inside people, animals and food. The signal from the Entity could be compared to the way birds navigate, although it was not dependent on the magnetic field of Earth. The signal was ultra fast and traveled faster than any airplane built by man. And everywhere the cells were activated. The Entity needed an amplifier to ignite its cells, and it knew where to find it. It was a woman. A very powerful woman that resided on top of this very mountain where the Entity and Jesus now resided. But there was a problem. Jesus was dying. The final climb had punished the reserves of the dog and far beyond that too. This was not an immediate issue for the Entity. It could still feed on the dead body of the dog and quickly infiltrate any jungle predator that might hack away eventually on the dead carcass of Jesus. But the Entity need to move forward. Suddenly, the Entity paid attention to its surroundings. Something was stalking the dog. The Entity could now see and pick up sound frequencies as well as a dog. It had evolved into a full-blown physical creature. It was still a multi born virus, but its characteristics were now closer to those of a demon. Furthermore, it did not only feed on blood and other bacterial delights that living creatures could offer, but also on pure energy and bionic light. And the world around the Entity was ripe with it. The stalking creature was now very close and the Entity was ready for it!

Joanna Moses was riding fast through the dense jungle, following the native Indian that seemed to be able to run for infinite distances. The reliance of the local Indian hunters never ceased to amaze her. His name was Pablo, and he was a seasoned hunter. He knew every part of the forest, and he could easily follow the bloody trail from the injured dog. How far ahead, Joanna shouted. He pointed towards a small mountain that was very close to their position. The dog is up there? Pablo nodded. How do we get to the top? The mountain was very steep and Joanna recognized that it would be hard to climb. It had just rained two hours prior, and she noticed that the rock were black from all the water. I know another way. It is very fast. Pablo nodded at her energetically and smiled before he abruptly turned his back to her and continued to run. At the base of the mountain, he stopped in front of a large base of rocks. He walked up to one of the rocks and started to push the rock. Joanna was at first amused. The rock was way too big for the little native man to move. But suddenly it moved and Pablo slid past it and was gone. Joanna jumped down from the saddle and left the horse to graze. She examined the large rock. She realized that it actually was made of wood. It had been painted dark gray and processed in such a way that unless you were standing very close, it was impossible to distinguish the wooden structure from the real rock next to it. Joanna quickly gathered the bare essentials of her things that she would need. She carried a standard issue police revolver on her hip.

The gray jacket was made of very light material, was robust but too hot for the ever-changing temperature of the jungle. She was wearing brown jeans and solid duster shoes. Her Afro was tied up in a tall bun and her skin was so black it looked blue in the shade from the direct sunlight. She lit a Marlboro light and inhaled the gray smoke deep into her lungs. She drank sparingly from her water canister and then lifted the wooden barrier and went inside. Pablo was waiting inside. It was a very narrow shaft and inside it was a primitive elevator system. Stand here, Pablo motioned to her. He then walked up behind her and grabbed a rope that was holding the weight of the mechanical structure. He quickly cut the rope, and they started to move upwards. Will this old trash hold? Joanna could feel the metal plate under their feet creaking from their added weight. I don't know, I have not used it for fifteen years. Pablo laughed and put some chewing tobacco in his mouth. You must be joking. Joanna smoked the cigarette warm. But just like Pablo had predicted, the old construction took them to the top. They quickly jumped off just as they reached the top. Seconds later, the metal plate they had been standing on fell to the soft gravel at the bottom. You crazy bastard, Joanna laughed. Yes, Pablo smiled. Crazy bastard. But in the middle of the sentence, he perked up and then stood still and listened. The dog is close, he said. But there is something else there too. Let's go. Joanna moved forward, but the small tracker grabbed her shoulder. Slowly. Very dangerous. Be quiet. Joanna had spent too much time with Pablo to doubt his judgement. They advanced with caution. After a minute they reached dense bush, and they became quickly engulfed into it. Soon they could see Jesus. The dog was badly battered and lay very still at the edge of the mountain top. Joanna reached into her bag and fetched two big masks. Put this on, she said, and gave it to Pablo. They both wore sunglasses. There is something unnatural inside that dog, Joanna whispered. We need to be careful. Suddenly, a big, black vulture with a bloody beak landed next to the dog. It was a classic Brazilian vulture, but bigger than the ones found in various cities in the vast country. It advanced the dog slowly at first, then after having made sure that the dog did not pose a threat, the vulture advanced. Not only that, but it started pulling small parts of the dog with its great beak until the front leg came off Jesus.

Pablo started to move, but Joanna stopped him immediately. Wait, she said under her breath. The vulture was happily picking the big dog apart when suddenly a white mist filled the air around the vulture. At first, it did not seem to react, but suddenly it was clearly in distress. It moved away from Jesus and then lifted off and was soon gone. Did you see that? Pablo nodded and crossed his heart. Very dangerous. Joanna nodded. Then out of nowhere, a very tall native woman appeared.

Pablo stuttered. It is. It is her… Joanna shrugged. Who is she? She is the Magus. The master shaman of the forest. Joanna squinted her eyes to view the woman better. They were only fifty meters away from the dead dog and the Magus, but it was early in the afternoon and the sun was low in the golden horizon. The woman kept her distance from the dog. She stood two meters tall and carried herself with the natural grace that only beautiful women have. She was surprisingly light skinned and could easily have passed as a white woman if it were not for her features. Not only that, but she had very high cheekbones, and her eyes were green. Her hair, however, was completely black and straight. Her shoulders were delicate but strong, and her legs seemed to go on forever. The Woman's back had a natural sway at the bottom, and it made the Magus's buttocks stand out. She is more than a hundred years old, whispered Pablo. Bullshit, She looks like she is thirty-five tops. Joanna was baffled. The magus started to talk to the dead dog. I know you are there. Show yourself. Nothing happened at first. Jesus lay there, dead, covered in flies and missing the front leg. Then the white mist exited the carcass and floated in the air. The Entity then materialized into a physical form. It was just a scull that floated weightless in the air at a distance from the Magus. Finally, we meet Magus. I was looking for you. The Magus bowed her head slightly. You want to use me as a vessel to ignite your virus cells, the Magus answered. The Entity chuckled. Yes, that is correct. That will not happen, As soon as she spoke the Magus opened her mouth and out of it came a beam of light that stuck the Entity right in the head.

The form of the head was still intact, and now it started to push the beam back. We have to help her. Joanna exited from the bushes and started running towards the battleground. She reached it fast and opened fire at the Entity. The scull was still unharmed, but this distraction had given the Magus an edge. From her hands came green light, and out of this she created a cage around the Entity. It quickly became a hard mass of unknown crystal that continued to harden. Then it fell to the ground. Get back, said the Magus when Pablo moved towards the crystal ball. The Magus then advanced on the crystal and covered it with a leather sack. Joanna stared at the Magus. What will happen now? I will destroy this entity, the Magus answered. Then she turned and was gone. Joanna could not believe it. She opened her should bag and retrieved a bottle of Jameson Whiskey. She shared it with Pablo as they sat down and watched the sun go down. Then they gathered the carcass of Jesus and left for A Faca.