Joanna Moses | Part One | Chapter 21

Updated: Jan 11

It was only ten in the morning and already the Gringo bar was open in the small fishing village Chordata, in the heart of the Amazon River. It was named after the rarest fish in the Amazone, but the locals called it A Faca, meaning the knife. It was here all the illegal traders came to sell their plundered goods from the rainforest and its inhabitants, and this often resulted in violence. This morning particular morning was extremely humid, and the sweat dripped from the old bartenders head and landed on the back of his hairy shoulders. Business was good, but he was tired. Perhaps he was getting too old for this line of work? The bartender continued to ponder this very real question while his right eye was watching the woman that had just arrived in the bar. She slammed the old mahogany door, and it sounded like a roar of thunder. Jesus! Take it easy. You are going to give me a heart attack. Joanna Moses chuckled and sat down on the leather stool by the end of the bar. Love what you have done with the place, my brother. Her eyes ended up resting on the jukebox. Holy shit Matteus, you have a real jukebox, does it work? Yes, of course it does! I bought it brand new. Joanna Moses broke out in another rough laugh. You never buy anything new. Not even pussy. I am sure it was sitting in some shitty apartment in Rio and some poor guys you know brought the damn thing on a scooter all the way here. You might be on to something there, my girl, Matteus answered with a twinkle in his singular eye. You have aged, my friend, she said. Look at all the white hair on your stupid scalp. Too many women or too little money? He sighed like only old men do and fetched two small shot glasses along with the obligatory Heineken beer. He filled their glasses with Salinas Cachaça and lifted his glass. Saúde she answered. They downed the drink and slammed it hard on the bar. I need some information old friend, and don't give me any bullshit, ok! Matteus sipped the beer, seeming preoccupied with dusting off a shelf. Information you say, he noodled. Yes, I have heard about that. Very dangerous. Could get a poor man killed, that information. Matteus! Stop pissing around. He suddenly smiled his most charming smile at her. Well. I might have something that would interest you, but it will cost you. How much? Your ass! His smile was even broader now. You want to fuck me, huh? She looked at him. He was a big man. His hair was more white than black, and his belly was full. He had lost his left eye in a street fight years ago and now only his green right eye was left, and this eye was now fixed on her small breasts. The humidity made Joanna sweat more than usual, and Matteus had a very good nose. He could smell her skin and the clean underwear and even her ass. Are you smelling me right now? She grinned. My poor Matteus, you have not gotten any pussy in a long time, huh? He regretfully shook his head. No, times are hard in the rainforest, my girl and Matteus have been very lonely. She rose from the stool at walked over to the front door and closed it. Come here! Her voice was playful. Matteus did as he was told. Close your eyes. Joanna barked. She unbuckled his belt and pulled down his boxers. From the dense manly bush it sprang out towards her hands. His cock was already erect, and she could see his pulse throbbing in the large veins. She clasped his balls in her hand and caressed them. Yes, i can see the problem. Your ball sack is full. I guess we have to fix that. She knelt down in front of Matteus and let the head of his cock enter past her full red lips. Her tongue started drilling the very hole of his penis while her hands continued to massage his ball sack. Soon, saliva started running from her small mouth. Then she suddenly stopped and took his cock out of her mouth. If you want more, you tell me now. Matteus whimpered like a boy. Ok, There is a rumor going around. Some men and a woman are looking for a dog. She was puzzled. A dog? He nodded desperately, eager for her to continue. There is something inside the dog. What do you mean? Is the dog dead? No, danger inside the dog. What breed?.she asked. A motherfucking golden retriever. I see. And where can I find this dog? I don't know, Matteus shook his head in despair. Where are these people now? They left A Faca early this morning. They were in a hurry, Ok, she said and grabbed his cock. She pushed him downwards to the floor. She was standing over him now. Joanna Moses was small, but her hips were wide, and her buttocks shaped like perfect rounded eggs. Her skin was black, and the short black hair stood up in a perfect Afro. The big black eyes were focused on his cock now. She dropped her silk panties and turned her back to him. Her ass was a woman's ass. Full and juicy. He could see the hairy bush in between her short legs. Slowly, she squatted downwards until her vaginal lips met the head of his cock. She started to twerk on his cock, letting it fill her pussy inch by inch until the entire cock was inside her. Then Joanna started to ride Matteus. Calmly at first, but then her pussy started to slam down at him. The sound was that of a wet pussy, killing a hard cock. You got a good dick, my friend, she shouted and intensified her efforts. So big. She stopped and then inserted his cock into her asshole. Then she rode his cock while fingering her pussy. Matteus exploded in her ass seconds only seconds later, his entire body shaking, he continued to fill her ass with his warm semen. He moaned like a beached whale, but she turned around and inserted his cock back inside her pussy. Good boy, she purred and then started to ride him hard. His penis responded and soon he was hard again. He grabbed her small breasts and pinched them, then grabbed her ass and started fingering her tight asshole. His cock drilling her vagina, his fingers on her clitoris. She finally exploded, and her pussy juice covered the base of his penis like hot lava. Fucking good cock, she screamed. He lifted her and placed her pussy in his mouth and continued to eat her while the endless sea of orgasms ravaged her small body. Then he spread her ass and entered her from behind. His shaft hard like a Toledo steel, He slammed into her small pussy while holding her perfect black buttocks. She was screaming like a virgin now, and he fucked her even harder and deeper. Fuck me, she panted, and he did. She continued to come, and he was fucking a sea of juice that kept dripping down on the brown wooden floor. He grabbed her Afro and gave his all. Now punishing her pussy. He felt the animalistic vibe build inside him, and he came. Not only did he come, but he exploded into her vagina. She screamed as she felt his warm seamen enter deep inside her. Then the couple collapsed on the floor. Joanna was the first one to recover. She rose without any underwear and sat down on a chair by a table. Bring the drinks. We need to fucking talk. He finally recovered and fetched the bottle. They looked at each other while smoking and drinking. You got a bloody good cock, my friend, Joanna smiled. Matteus inhaled the nicotine from a lucky strike. And you my girl have such a tight perfect pussy. He was still naked, too, and she grabbed his cock under the table. Let's partner up. I find the dog and then we sell it. Partners? He stood up and lifted her back on top of his lap. His cock already ready. Partners he said!

The group had searched for the entity for two weeks. The small traces the golden retriever left behind were scarce but enough for the experienced eyes of their tracker. His name was Carlos, and he was the best hunter in his tribe. The shaman had also pointed the way before they left. They had followed the trail to the village of A Faca but there the trail had gone cold. But then Carlos had talked to some local children, and they had seen a dog run towards the steep mountains of ruins. They had stocked up water and supplies in the local bar that was also some kind of shop. The owner was a tight-lipped man with one eye, and he overpriced all his goods. Mingo laughed when he was learned the price of the beer. 50 real… You must be smoking some serious shit my friend. The bartender had not found this funny. These are hard time, señores. Everyone must make a living. Lela then proceeded to charm the greedy bartender, and he had finally agreed to a reasonable price for all the supplies they needed. They left at sunrise the next morning. The dog moved with unnatural agility. How can a dog have this kind of stamina, the driver asked. Mingo shrugged. He has that darn thing inside him, so perhaps it's lending the dog power. Well, he is called Jesus after all, said Lela, and everyone laughed. But their spirits quickly waned when the tracker pointed out to them where they had to go. It was a mountain in the middle of the jungle. Soon the heat and the steep rising vegetation zapped their energy. Marco and Vincent had decided to stay behind in the village, so it was only the three of them and their tracker. Carlos was running light footed while scanning the ground in front of him. Mingo whispered to the others. Damn, the man never seems to tire, does he ever rest? But Carlos was a natural hunter and had spent his entire life in the rainforest. He saw everything. Any track, so small that no other hunter would even notice, was as clear as Google Maps for the tracker. It was almost nightfall when Carlos stopped the others dead in their tracks. A big snake was blocking the path and hissing. It was the venomous Southern American bushmaster. The most venomous pit viper in South America. Carlos spoke in a low voice. Don't move! A single bite from this South American viper can inflict severe pain and swelling, and you will bleed. The driver was the one standing the closest to the snake. He looked at the reptile with disgust. Be gone, you filthy creature, he told the snake. But the viper responded by an even louder hiss. Carlos moved very slowly. He grabbed his hunter's knife by the shaft and withdrew the weapon without making a sound. Then with the speed of light, the knife flew through the air sideways. The blade swished like a helicopter and cut the head of the snake. Carlos ran over to the snake carcass. He quickly dipped his arrows in its venom. The group decided to rest and continue the at the crack of dawn the next day.