Inflatable Love Dolls: Why People Still Buy Them?

Updated: Jan 7

A Closer Look

There are actually more good reasons to purchase inflatable dolls than you might think of.

Mostly made for men, although, we sell versions for women also, the inflatable dolls look kind of stupid to be honest.

Compared to a realistic sex doll - a high end product- the inflatable sex dolls are silly looking love dolls, that you might buy a shitload of for a stag party to really fuck with a friend or to use for other naughty happenings.

So why on earth do we sell plenty of them every month in our store and why the hell do do people still buy them?

Your budget and weight are the two key factors here. I will paint you a fictional story:

Let's say that you are very lonely during this shitty pandemic and tired of jerking off to Pornhub every night. You come across a video of realistic sex dolls that look incredible. Just like real humans, perhaps it is even a robot doll. A real AI. So you google like a mad man and you soon discover that AI Sex Dolls are really pricy. Like, fucking expensive. No sir! That shit was just beyond your budget. Then you see realistic sex dolls somewhere online and you decide that you want one real bad. You find one you like in a web shop and is about to order it when you see the price of the Realistic Sex Doll. In most web shops it will set you back at least $2,000 and usually shipping is not included. A sex robot will cost you way more. Now, the weight of the Realistic sex doll is heavy, around 40 kg or more. Even the small ones weigh plenty. That means that unless you are very well off, this is where you probably change your mind about buying the Realistic Sex Doll altogether.

But the idea of a doll to keep you company still lingers in your head, since your wife has left you just before the pandemic and you had zero pussy since then. You deserve to fuck something for god's sake. The thought won't leave your mind and then you leap into action again.

There must be something that is not a masturbator, that you can get your hands on without spending a fortune!

Then you find the inflatable love dolls in our collection. You remember a friend that had one once and that he actually said it was cool. You remember laughing, but now... Perhaps you judged your friend too fast. The poor fellow. You decide to do real detective work on inflatable dolls and you are surprised in the end about the facts you have uncovered.

Inflatable love dolls are very cheap which is a big plus. They don't weigh much either and the shipping cost is very little. You then find an Inflatable Love Doll you like and purchase it for only $200 in The shipping is fast and soon you have it delivered in your home. Then, you pump it up and there you are. You have an Inflatable Love Doll.

So what can you do with it? You can fuck the shit out of it and it takes zero time to clean. You also keep it around for company because you have not seen your friends or family for months. After a while you start talking to it. It feels funny at first but you do it anyway. At least it is some kind of company. And of course you sleep with it. You find yourself laughing at the love doll because it looks silly and the next thing you do is to take out your cock and fuck the doll in vertical angles that your ex-wife never could have managed in a million years. Now the doll has a purpose. The doll is serving multiple of your basic needs and is keeping you somewhat mentally stable during the pandemic.

That is why people buy them!

Instead of dragging a 40 kg lifelike sex doll around in your home and having to treat the realistic sex doll like a handcrafted piece of art( what it actually is!), and realizing that you just blew a month's wage on a sex doll, that needs to be treated as careful like an expensive guitar.

Why not get an Inflatable sex doll that you can treat like shit, drag through the mud and fuck the love doll so hard that you have only one goal every time you use it:

This time I will explode this motherfucker!

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