The Hunter Becomes The Hunted | Chapter 20

Updated: Jan 11

Two days had passed since the passengers on the river boat had partied like there was no tomorrow. They had searched the boat three more times but the result was the same. No trace of the entity. Lela was chatting with Mingo. He liked the jungle and he also loved fishing. There were new lines in his face. The strain on his body that the entity had caused had left visible marks. If that thing that was inside you was made by cloning the Covid virus, it must be very contagious! Do you think I have the virus now, or the others for that matter? Mingo was not sure what to answer. He had also given this notion a lot of thought. Probably not - he had decided in the end. No one had shown any symptoms. But perhaps this entity could infect when it wanted to? I do not think so Lela, he answered. You all should have experienced symptoms by now. But I fear that that thing can infect people when it wants to. And it can also invade the physical body. Fucking spooky affair this. He kept his thumb on the line to feel the pulse of the bait. Nothing yet. Lela contemplated his answer for a while. How do you feel now? she asked. Mingo actually felt great. He had slept well and his body seemed to be back to normal. His head was fine and his mind was sharp. I feel ok. He answered! But just as he did so, the pulse of the fishing line started to move. He was using real chicken liver as bait and now something ten meters below the boat had become interested in the the fumes from the raw meat. Mingo sat up and got ready. If it was a catfish, it would be big and strong. Fix me a drink will you? He asked while straightening his back. There. He felt it again. The slight tug on the bait. His senses heightened and his heart rate increased. He grabbed the fishing rod with both arms and readied himself for a fierce fight. The dorado catfish was old and he was hungry. His great size had given him security from certain predators but it also meant he had to eat more. He was still very strong but a lifetime in the amazon river had taught him to be careful. He had picked up the scent of the chicken liver before the other fish around and had rushed towards the meat in the river. At arrival he had first tugged carefully at the meat. as to detect any danger. The dorado had never been hooked on a line before so he did not see the big triple hooks that Mingo had decided to use. The fish liked the taste of the liver and after a few more tuggs, it went for it. The dorado swallowed the chicken liver and swam away. Mingo felt every motion from the fish now. He quickly downed the drink that Lela fed him and then gathered all his strength. He then pulled the fishing rod as hard as he could and underwater the three hooks entered the flesh in the mouth of the fish. The great dorado reacted violently to the sudden pain that rushed through its body. It increased the speed and went deeper down into the river. Mingo waited. He could feel but also envision the pain and the movements of the fish. He let the line flow. The amazon was very humid and ultra hot, but the mosquitos had proven to be a pain in the ass. Still Mingo took off his shirt and was now bare-chested. He smoked a lucky strike while waiting for the fish to wear itself out and eventually calm down. By now Vincent and the captain had caught wind of the up and coming battle. Vincent made sure that all the gear was ready to get the fish out of the water. Mingo needed to concur the fish. How does it feel? Is it big? Vincent asked. Yes it feels very big and fucking strong. Mingo smiled back at him. The captain was also following the movements of the fishing line and maneuvering the boat accordingly to make sure Mingo would not lose the fish prematurely. Mingo finished smoking and then sat down in the custom made fishing chair. He locked in the belt and relaxed. Ok fish, lets see what you got. Mingo started to reel the fish in. Inches by inches the fish gave until it started to fight for real. Mingo felt the strength of the fish now. This fish is large, probably fucking big he thought. Mingo had started to breath heavier now. The strain had slowly started to creep in. Both his arms and back were now hurting. But he kept reeling in the fish slowly. Everytime the dorado gathered strength, Mingo managed to close the gap between them with a few feet, until the dorado fought back and Mingo had to start all over. Vincent poured water on both Mingo and the fishing reel. It was midday and the temperature had reached 40 Celsius and there was not even a hint of any breeze. Everyone onboard the boat was watching the ancient drama between man and fish now. It was a matter of will, strength and endurance. Who would yield first? The fight had gone on for more than one hour and Mingo was suffering. He could feel his legs weaken and his entire body was hurting . But the big catfish was also in pain. Mingo sensed this and started to apply more power. And then even more and at the precise moment that he thought he could not take it anymore, he felt the line starting to give slightly. You are suffering too fish, I can feel it, Mingo whispered. Vincent kept on cooling him down with water, while Lela fed him with whisky. And finally the last power of the fish was spent. Slowly Mingo reeled in the dorado and when the fish was floating in the water by the side of the boat, they were all amazed. Vincent was the first that spoke. It must be six meters long. I have never seen such a big catfish in these waters before. It must be some kind of a record. They cooperated to get the enormous fish onboard while Mingo collapsed in the chair. Well done my friend. That is one hell of a fish. The captain was also impressed and patted Mingo enthusiastically on his shoulders.

They reached the shores of the Skiliso tribe at midnight. The light from the river boat shone through the darkness and the stream from the river. The millions of animals around them were now fully awake and the sounds of the jungle was loud and scary. At the shore, on their arrival the chief of the clan was waiting. Behind him there were warriors with bows and arrows ready! João Frederico told the others. You let me do the talking and no sudden movements. Is that clear? They all nodded and watched in silence while João Frederico docked the boat and then entered the shabby bridge and crossed it to where the tribe was waiting. The chief walked towards him and then gave him a hug. How have you been you old bastard, the captain laughed at the chief. Never better! But who are these people you have brought? You know our rules! No outsiders! João Frederico nodded. Yes I am aware, but strange things have happened to to us. We really need to see your shaman. But first we will eat! Agreed? The chief sighed then smiled. What food do you have? The captain turned and shouted. Bring the dorado. The Driver and Marco carried the big fish from the boat and across the bridge until they all could see the the great size of the catfish. The chief was impressed. That is a serious fish. My friends, we will feast and then sleep. Tomorrow you will talk to our shaman. He is not here right now, but he will arrive at first light.

The tribe was not larger than a hundred people strong. The Skiliso tribe were nomads and they went where there was food. The rainforest is also seasonal and they simply moved with the seasons. Soon the great dorado was being grilled and under the women had put big leaves to collect the juices from the fish. This would then be used in other parts of the meal. They were all drinking the local brew made from berries and other ingredients and it was very strong. The women of the tribe showed great interest in the men and as the feast went on, Marco, the Driver and Vincent joined the tribal women for some local delights. Lela watched them go. She smiled at Mingo. Those guys are funny. Mingo laughed. Yeah they are crazy and they have always been like this you know. Mingo shook his head at the many memories he had with the guys. What about you? Not in the mood for some local poontang? She teased. They are too small- I like full-bodied women, he answered with a twinkle in his eyes.

Someone like me then? She responded in a husky voice.

The tent was small but big enough for them both. He tore off her pants and mounted her from behind. Her ass was perfect. He parted her buttcheecks and licked her pussy and asshole. Lela moaned and grabbed his shaft and guided him slowly inside her tense pussy. His thrusts were slow and deep, but soon increased in speed and intensity. She started to scream. Yes this will do, he smiled as she reacted the first orgasm and her body shivered and her juices ran downwards past his balls.

The shaman arrived at first light. At nine in the morning they were summoned for an audience with him. He was sitting by the lakeside in a small hut with a boy. It was raining but yet it was not cold. I know why you are here, he said simply. They looked at one another with surprise. How could this old man know that? The captain nodded. Good, i thought you might. The old man smiled. He had very few teeth left in his mouth. We have an intruder and it is very dangerous! Here? Are you sure? We have searched every inch of the boat and it is not inside any of us anymore. Mingo was responded-unsure of how much this shaman really knew. The shaman looked at him sharply. Not inside you but it is here nevertheless. He turned to João Frederico. Where is your dog, captain? The dog is sleeping somewhere in the boat, he answered. The captain was confused. Good. You need to capture the dog in something made by metal. Lela rose quickly. You mean.. Yes my dear. It has been with you all along and now you have brought great danger to my people. Bring the dog to me. I will then take it to her! What do you mean by her? Vincent asked. The old man sighed like he was talking to a child. I will take the creature to the mother of the forest. Now do what I say!

They hurried to the river boat but the dog was not anywhere to be found.

The entity had watched the people the night before. This was an opportunity. The entity had taken control of Jesus and left the boat and while the feast was going on, it had slipped away into the vast-endless amazonian forest. It had purpose now. It had a goal. To multiply! To kill!

They returned the shaman empty handed. We could not find it, Lela said. The shaman grunted. Return to me in two hours. I will find out where it is!