How To Build A Sex Room

Melanie Rose is a luxury designer that designs sex rooms. Crazy right? She’s a cool British lady with short white hair and wears colorful clothes; she used to design all sorts of interior rooms but when she was hired to do a sex room, “I quickly found out that [they] were the most wonderful things to design,” so she found her calling. In How To Build A Sex Room, she goes to couples’ houses, finds out their wants and needs, and builds them the sex rooms of their fantasies (which are often quite… different..

What Is The Show About?

Old school styled music starts as a solid backdrop when a woman approaches a house in a sub neighborhood.

The first couple is Taylor and Ajay, who are enjoying BDSM light and they want to make a sexroom where they can indulge into their fantasies.

The frisky couple are shown items like a heavy chrome butt plug, handcuffs, and a multi-tailed instrument for some serious flogging. She also takes them to a place where BDSM experts hook Taylor up to a St. Andrew’s cross and show Ajay how to flog her correctly. She fucking loves it and is perhaps convinced to install crosses in their “rock and roll sex basement.” It's really something else.

What We Think So Far

You have to give the participants in the series kudos. Not everyone would have the guts to open up their homes to this kind of global scrutiny. We actually loved the episodes we have watched so far and if you are into sex toys, BDSM or what ever your desires are, this is definitely for you. It will also give you more insight into what real people think about sex toys and more. We offer of course all the toys and play gear you see in the series in our store.

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