Give Your Girlfriend Some Love

Updated: Jan 4

Yo guys. January is rolling along and 2022 is in orbit and stuff is going down!

We have some special offers right now, starting with sex toys for Lesbians:

25% OFF | Sex Toys For Lesbians

25% OFF Sexy Bikinis & Swimwear for Women and Men.

30% OFF | Avant - D14 - Heart of Gold - Avant D14 delivers a generously curved shaft for stimulating your G-spot or prostate and your entrance.

35% OFF | Stretch Master 2 Piece Training Silicone Ass Grommet Set - Train that hole! These ass grommets will keep it spread wide open, leaving the insides exposed for penetration, liquid play, or just an innocent peek inside!

40% OFF | Pdx Elite Motor Blower - The Moto Blower doesn’t just stroke you like ordinary masturbators, it combines incredible suction and vibration with a super-smooth automatic stroking motion!

50% OFF | Pdx Elite Moto Bator X - The Moto Bator X elevates masturbation with powerful piston-action thrusting for the ultimate stroker experience.

50% OFF | Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Stool - Attach your favorite dildo and this sex stool will give you the ride of your life! The Bangin Bench allows you to simulate sex from the top as you bounce up and down, aided by the stretchy straps of the seat.

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