Fuckable Butt Plug

Updated: Jan 7

Tom had a curious problem and he did not really have a solution. His partner penis' was simply too large for Tom's ass. They had tried everything but even the best of lubes, creams, samurai oils, nothing could widen Tom's tight butt. He gave great head though and Gary, his partner, seldom complained. But while Tom was happily drilling Gary's ass, he also knew that his partner's eye had started to look elsewhere. Gary was working the night and it all changed for them both. Tom had been surfing the web and had discovered The Fuckable Butt Plug Pig Hole Large. It was an anal sex toy and the beauty of it was that its extended use would improve the size of his asshole. There were other perps as well. Going around during the day at work with the butt plug, from Oxballs, perfectly placed in his hole. The orgasms he got from the sex toy while doing his regular job as a hairdresser, were just incredible. The customers and his coworkers also noticed the change in Tom. He seemed to be giddy all the time and almost laughing too much at their usual, lame jokes. After wearing the anal sex toy for three weeks, it felt like his ass had expanded. Tom was sure of it. Now for the ultimate test. Gary had no knowledge of his purchase from stuffgoodies and Tom was satisfied with him being able to keep the secret. He usually told his partner everything. It was a rainy night when Tom finally told Gary about the Fuckable butt plug. Holy shit. Gary was impressed. You did that for me? Tom blushed slowly. Yes babe! Tom started kissing Gary and then proceeded to suck Gary's big penis. It was a beautiful penis. It was six inches long but the girth was insane. Tom knew it was wider in size then any of the biggest sausages that the local butcher could offer. He flicked the small hole at the tip expertly and Gary began to shake. It was time. Tom told Gary to bring the lube and Gary responded swiftly. He lubed Tom's ass up like it was a Ferrari in need of polish. His now ultra thick member stood erect like a flagpole and Tom was ready on his knees. Slowly the penis entered Tom's ass. Gary was very careful but Tom seemed to be able to take it. Tom started coming after one minute and Gary kept riding his ass, Slowly increasing the tempo. It was the first time he had been able to fuck his partner and it was better than he could have ever imagined. The storm started somewhere deep in his scrotum and spread through his balls until he exploded and roared like a tiger being denied food. He fell onto Tom's back that was drenched in the sweat from them both.

Are you alive Tom? Gary looked at his partner's asshole with critical eyes. It looked all right. Tom shouted : Fuck yeah. Let's go again!

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