Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen

Holy Smokes is the only way to describe this sex toy. The Smart Pleasure Queen Suction Massager from Empowered is not just a clitoral / nipple / outer sweet spot pump, It's not just a vibrator, The Queen is also not just a toe-curling oral sex simulator, The Pleasure Queen Suction Massager is all three of those things and much more...

When you first un-box your Queen, you'll find three pieces, a rounded power base with soft silicone tongue, and two silicone-edged suction cups. Set the silky tongue to licking and lapping by holding down the power button, then pressing repeatedly to cycle through six flickering functions. You either pick a favorite and stick with it, or change up sensation as you see orgasmically fit.

Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen
Luxury Sex Toy

To add suction to the tongue-lapping action, attach one of the two included cups to the base (it fits over the tongue.) While both cups are contoured for an airtight seal around your or your partner's vulva, breasts and beyond, one is smaller and the other larger. Pick your size based on which sweet spots you're planning to surround. Suction revs up with a separate button, and gently draws sensitive flesh upward into the cup. This not only plumps, primes and sensitizes, but also brings the body part in question closer to that eager tongue. The tongue motion can be combined with suction, or not, it's all up to you.

All functions are separately controlled for perfect customization, there's a handy leaflet in the box if you need a quick how-to. USB rechargeable, the Pleasure Queen powers up at any free USB port using an included cable.

How To Use

Let’s set the mood. First, thrilling suction to increase the blood flow and sensitivity. Then, once you find the sucking sensation you crave, it’s time to play with the 6 different suction patterns. And last, but certainly not least, on to the sensual tongue as it moves and vibrates in 6 unforgettable ways. Now, this is a pleasure experience made just for you! The Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen provides 36 mind-blowing combinations of suction, vibration and flickering action. This Queen is smart, allowing you to program your favorite setting. Set the suction pressure you love, and then explore the suction, vibration and licking sensations – all with the pressure you desire. For use on all body types, the Smart Pleasure Queen comes with 2 interchangeable cups - full coverage and demi cup. This gives you even more variety when using this Queen. A discreet storage bag is included for when you want to bring pleasure with you, but want to keep things private. Easily re-charged with the included USB cord with complete charge in under 2 hours. • 6 Intense vibrating functions with flickering action • Air release • Manual suction • Programmable smart pleasure with 6 suction patterns • Flickering tongue • USB Rechargeable self-sealing port; charging cord included. • 2 interchangeable cups - full coverage and demi cup • 36 combinations of suction, vibration and flickering action to increase sensitivity • Body safe silicone • Independently operated functions with smart features • Security travel lock feature - hold for 3 seconds to turn on or off • One Year Warranty Massager will run for: 1 hour on high speed 70 minutes on low speed Complete charge in 1.5 hours. Measurements: Demi Cup: 3.25" x 2.25" / 8.25cm x 5.75cm Full Coverage Cup: 3.75" x 2.5" / 9.5cm x 6.25cm Tongue: 1.5" x 0.75" / 3.75cm x 2cm Wash before and after each use

Is It Good?

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Hell Yeah, it's really great. The combinations are almost endless because of the option to program the sex toy. This means a lot of exploring that will take you over bigger and bigger waves of delight, and after that you will just keep going. This is serious bang for the buck. I have spent way too much time with the pleasure queen. It somehow makes other sex toys seem boring. Combine this with a large suction dildo, and you will lose it. It also comes in a nice wrapping, and it looks great. This is definitely a luxury toy that is a must-buy. Why? Because you deserve it.