Electrical Stimulation | Why should you try it?

Updated: Jan 5

Electrical stimulation tends to fly a bit under the radar, although it is a different and safe way to spice things up in the bedroom. Many people have a negative view of playing with electricity firmly rooted from their childhood. The general opinion seems to be that this is a fetish or something that mostly the BSDM lovers do.

What does it feel like?

It kind of feels like a vibrator with a a rhythmic pulse or a constant throbbing but because it has a deeper reach under the skin and sends a pulse that touches under the skin tissue and reaches the nerves, the feeling will while using a E-stim will also create different sensations. Most E-stims have different patterns that can even be set to a constant buzz.

On low settings ectrical stimulation toys can feel erotic and even sensual but on higher settings it will produce anything from a sharp pinch to a spasms. This can feel painful but also produce a craving for more. Just as when you use other regular sex toys, it is all about your personal preference and your individual pleasure triggers. It is also about pushing your own boundaries and exploration of your body.

What E-stim Toys are available in 2021?

A wide variety of fun E-stim toys are out there and also in our store. It ranges from basic stimulators for the the curious first timer to more advanced toys for the more experienced electro sex users that really pushes boundaries and want to go further. But E-stim toys can also be a great asset for couples, if you use your imagination, only the sky is the limit for creative uses of E-stim toys.

Where to learn more?

YouTube is a great place to start because of the great range of videos and different contents that varies from using E-stim products for health issues and much more. This will give you a greater understanding and also calm those who are nervous about electricity in general. Doing some detective work on Google is also a key.

XR-Brands have great demo videos that you can watch here

We highly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and learning more about E-stim products. It can be a portal to great pleasure and a real eye opener on the endless possibilities that E-stim can provide.

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