Dropshipping: How Can Drop-Ship Retailers Thrive In The Industry?

Updated: Jan 11

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Creative director JFK Løvlien from Stuffgoodies, shares his insights about retailers in the adult marked.

With the world becoming more digital and the economy more unstable, especially because of COVID-19, you can find everywhere people selling magic formulas to become a wealthy entrepreneur, and drop shipping is one of these formulas.

No one can deny that the dropshipping business model is an opportunity and a lot of people around

the world managed to shift from a regular job to a drop shipping business. But is this success also

achievable in the sex industry?

Usually when you see courses, books that promise to become rich in a short time, it is tempting to dig on that. And it seems very easy: you just pick a product and a vendor that will send that product directly to your customer once it’s purchased on your site, buy the cheapest package for e-commerce in Shopify, set a one-page shop for that product, invest your credit card limit in Google Ads and SEO on the first month and then BOOM! You are the newest millionaire in town.

Well..not THAT easy!

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