Dead Men Walking | Chapter 15

Updated: Jan 10


The Scientist was in a hurry. He had overslept greatly and was now walking rapidly along the wet streets. He was dressed in a regular slacks and sporting a tweed jacket in grey stripes. His blue Nike shoes were already soaked. His hair was cropped short, the face neutral and he was clean shaved. The regular brown rimmed glasses were foggy from the weather and he hardly could see a thing even when he squinted really hard with his right eye that was the strongest. God damn rain, he cursed while crossing the road towards his favorite bakery. He really needed to relieve himself and marched on in an even more aggressive tempo. He was bewildered by the very early call he had received and was still trying to get to grips with the changes in the routine. When he entered the bakery he went straight to the large lavatory which was empty. He positioned himself comfortably in front of the urinal and unzipped his pants. The Scientist relaxed when his urine started flowing in a thin yellow spiraled stream from his small member, and thus he never stood a chance when the hard blow hit him across the long neck. He fell forward but Mingo catched him before the scientist's chin hit the urinal. Mingo opened the nearest toilet door and quickly dragged the man inside and closed the door. Mingo proceeded to undress the man and quickly changed into the scientists' clothes. In only minutes he was fully dressed and was putting the man's glasses on, he stopped abruptly when someone knocked softly on the door. Mingo opened the door and let the two men carry the scientist out of the lavatory. The men carried the unconscious man out of the back door of the bakery and into the black van waiting in the empty back alley. Within seconds the van was gone. Mingo went through the man's credentials and was soon ready to proceed to the next step of the plan. He picked up the hidden grey bag and looked at his watch. It was quarter to eight. He still had fifteen minutes. He went to the bakery clerk, ordered six bagels, sat down at the table and looked through the Samsung Mobile he had snached from the Scientist. Nothing was of interest, so he continued to surf the web and drink a cup of hot coffee. At eight a.m sharp, a large blue Mercedes suddenly parked outside the bakery. Mingo rose slowly with the backpack on, walked out of the bakery and got inside the large car. There were two other people in the back of the car. Mingo greeted them curtly and then ignored the conversation between the tall black woman and the asian man. They were talking about Covid strains for a while and then they started a colonial small talk. The Asian suddenly addressed Mingo: I have not seen you before, are you from the B branch? Mingo smiled his flashy grin and responded.. No I am from the H branch. I was just hired two days ago. The asian nodded. Damn man, you better strap in because, you my friend, are in for a ride. So I have heard. Mingo nodded. The black woman was surfing her phone and not paying any attention to the conversation anymore. The Mercedes suddenly stopped and they exited the car. Mingo followed the others towards an elevator in a building that seemed deserted. Mingo's heart quicked it's pace slowly. So it was here that John Martin had his facility. They were just outside the center of the city and Mingo looked around. He had to remember all the details. Of course, the small hole in his backpack where a very small camera was filming live was his backup but in this business, you never knew what would happen. He preferred to be on the safe side. There were no guards when the Asian took out his plastic card and inserted it into a small slot, Mingo asked, does my card work already too? The black woman smiled at him. She was too pretty to be a scientist, he though. Yes of course! Mingo nodded and then just before the elevator doors opened, he tossed his entry card to his right into some small bushes, well aware of that someone was watching his every move. The others had not noticed what he had just done. Mingo laughed inside. The security was a joke. They entered the elevator and she clicked a button on the wall and the elevator went downwards. After a while the elevator reached its destination. They exited and walked into something that looked like a lab from an old James Bond movie. A crew of sixty people was immersed in each of their pursuits. Everyone was wearing a full body suit. The ceiling was high and the area was huge. There was something red growing in the middle of the area. It almost looked like a tree. Is that the Nexus? Asked Mingus. Oh yes, answered the Asian. It is a miracle. It will transform the world as you know it. Mingus nodded and then with his left hand - pressed the button on a small transmitter hidden in the tweed jacket.

Michael Mcgrady was holding the small transmitter in his hands. It's on. His crew left the big van that had discreetly followed the Mercedes. Mcgrady nodded. This agent was good. He had worked with him before and trusted Mingo to come up with results. His employer demanded constant updates and was watching the operation through a small camera on Mcgrady's chest. It was very close now. He sneered. John Martin had really fucked this up. Soon they would be in possession of the Nexus and then.. Then he would squash Martin like the old bug he was. The man paid attention when his black Brigades took the elevator down after using the plastic card collected swiftly from the bushes.

When the elevator arrived, the brigade team moved swiftly towards the lab where Mingo had entered just minutes earlier. They spotted the red "Nexus" that looked like a small tree. But now the lab was dark. Mcgrady lifted his hand and signaled the team to be ready for anything. Mingo was chained to the red "tree". His face bruised and he looked dazed. Suddenly hidden steel doors slammed shut all around them. Hold your fire! Mcgrady barked at his team. The team remained motionless in the darkness. They had switched to infrared vision. Mingo looked very pale. He was backlit from the red tree. The rest of the area was completely dark. What the hell is going here? Mcgrady held his weapon tight in his hand. They moved slowly towards Mingo. There was a slight crackle of sound with passing ambient feedback. The voice cut through the silence like a warm knife through french butter. " Ah Mr Mcgrady and the famous Black Brigades. How nice of you to stop by. You actually arrived just in time for our next experiment. You see. in this ceiled area, we are about to test something new. We have been so lucky to collect new strain of Covid called B.1.1.7 Alpha and B.1.617.2 Delta. You might have noticed the heavy doors closing around you? Don't worry. We have made sure you have enough air, but I am afraid you will all stay there for a while. Mcgrady signalled his men to look for weaknesses in the structure they were enclosed in. There were none. John Martin continued to speak with his dark crisp voice. You must understand Mr. Mcgrady that all of you are now part of our experiment. While I am speaking, the 2 Covid variants are being pumped in ample doses into the area you are in. Please don't start shooting or try to blow your way out. It is not possible. The doors are made of adamant. Mcgrady asked. What the fuck is going on? John Martin's voice crackled again. You all are now inhaling both Covid strands with every breath you take. They have been slightly modified to be more deadly. So gentlemen. You are now dead men walking. Let's see how long you live! Martin's voice ended.

What now boss? Mcgrady's voice was strained with real fear. There was no answer.

The small red haired man closed the window in his browser slowly. The pieces of glass remained stuck in his right hand after crushing the wineglass. Small drops of blood were dripping down on his desk. His large jaws clenched together like a shark ripping prey.