Christmas Sex Toys

Updated: Jan 11

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The Best Sex Toys

Stuffgoodies celebrates X-mas with a price drop on sex toys. This means that you can secure your favorites at a great price, whether you buy for yourself or someone you love. The offer list includes the orgasm favorites.

Sex toys have become an important part of people's sex life whether you are single or in a relationship, and can help you experience new forms of orgasm. - Everyone should own a sex toy. It makes what is good even better, and there is something for absolutely everyone!

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An orgasm a day will lower the stress level in the body and make you happier. Not only because you experience something insanely delicious, but orgasms release dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins which together form the body's own happiness pill,

Hot Tips for X-mas Shopping - Our Best Sellers

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

$59.95 USD$49.94 USD

The popular classic Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation guarantees explosive pleasure

sensations with its innovative pressure wave stimulation. With 11 programs, the high-tech gimmick offers contact-free enjoyment, which can be experienced everywhere and anywhere thanks to the rechargeable batteries

Adam & Eve 6.0" Hollow Strap On in Purple

$15.44 USD$19.30 USD

Strap on sensual texture and thrilling size with this versatile strap-on dildo and harness.

Hollow on the inside, the dildo allows men to slide inside for an instant size increase. The dildo's firm yet flexible shaft lets women strap it on as well to fuel every penetration fantasy. Stretchy leg and waist bands keep you comfortable, while the dildo's lifelike texture satisfies with every thrust. Clean-up is easy with Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse.

Satisfyer Double Plus Remote

$49.95 USD$53.27 USD

While the vibrations bewitch your love bead, the shaft worn internally provides an

arousing feeling of tightness for your partner, making your lovemaking even more exciting for him. You can enjoy this mutual stimulation wherever you get the urge: the waterproof rating of the Partner Plus means that you can make a hot bath together even hotter. The integrated rechargeable battery is also practical: simply use the supplied USB charging cable to charge your Partner Plus and spice up your lovemaking whenever you’re in the mood.

Bang Vibrating Bullet With Remote Control - Pink

$19.76 USD$24.96 USD

Prepare to Bang yourself with this tiny but powerful vibrating bullet! The ultra-powerful

Bang Bullets will surprise you with their mighty thrumming power, controllable with the included wireless remote control – buzz your whim at home or out on the town for exciting partner play in public!

Take advantage of the 3 different power levels and 7 different patterns to suit any kind of mood you are in. The powerful vibration is enhanced by the silky smooth body safe silicone material – free of phthalates, non porous, and easy to clean with warm water and mild soap.

Thrusting Fucking Machine

$240.00 USD$320.00 USD

The Pro-Bang Sex Machine provides you two exciting ways to play! This machine boasts

a powerful thrusting action in a lightweight and portable form and is capable of being mounted to flat, smooth floors for a banging good time solo or with your lover. The lightweight design allows you to handle the Pro-Bang with ease, letting you control and direct its power into your partner!

This portable thrusting machine features 5 satisfying speeds for you to enjoy - restrain your partner and give it to them slow, and turn up the intensity with the easy to use controls found on the machine itself, or with the included wireless remote control.

Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Pink Hot Seat

$44.99 USD$51.55 USD

Anchored in the middle of the cushion is a firm jelly multi-speed dong and the air-seal

valve makes inflating that Hot Seat a snap. Place the Hot Seat on a level surface select

your desired vibration speed and savor every stroke After the fun is over, squeeze the valve to release the air. Holds up to 300lbs