Christmas Sex Story

Updated: Jan 11

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Marie was sitting in front of her new MacBook Air. She was working on a new article on her blog, and it was going pretty well. Marie was playing with a pencil and let the sharp edge caress her big lips.

She paused for a while, letting her slender shoulders rest, rolling her neck and shaking her hands. Too much computer time lately, she thought to her self while rising from the small chair and stretching her body like a cat. Her black hair needed to be washed, hell, she needed a fucking shower. She slid out of her jumpsuit and removed the pink panties carelessly and left them on the floor. She entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. But nothing happened. Not a single drop! She cursed and went to her living room and picked up the iPhone. She called the maintenance ward and complained. His name was Bruno, and she had never met him before. He had just been hired, but very few people in her building had seen him yet! He seemed puzzled by her complaint. No one else had contacted him about this. Never mind that, you fool. Just get your ass up her and fix it. I am going out in two hours to a Christmas party and I have to shower. Bruno responded to her request. He would be up right away, he answered. He actually too was going out for dinner. Marie was naked and looked at her body. Not too shabby, she decided. Her buttocks were full but firm, and her tummy was muscular. Her black bush was trimmed, and her clitoris was barely visible. Marie was thirty-seven, but had taken care of her body. She was short, but the proportions of her body were sensual. Her skin was very white because of the very little exposure to sun she had gotten during the long British winter. The doorbell rang. She slung on a black robe and went to open the door. The first thing she noticed was that he was tall. Very tall. His slight beard was sexy, and he was very tanned. His hair was colored in the posh blond fashion. Hello, I am Bruno. He smiled at her. You are Marie? She decided to charm him. Yes i am. Please come in. The bathroom is that way on the left. Bruno looked at the woman in the black robe. That is a fine little minx, he decided. He could see her ass move, beneath the black robe, as she turned. Bruno felt his dick staring to fill with blood. Right, he answered. I better get to it. He entered the bathroom and started working. It was a silly problem. The main valve water switch was turned off. He flicked it back on and called her. She was very pretty. He had always had a thing for women with black hair. Bruno quickly explained. Silly me. I must have bumped into it with my big ass. Her laugh was husky, and it reminded him of a Pornhub video he had watched some weeks back. No, it is not. It looks fine to me. Her eyes widened. You think so? She purred at him. Yes, nothing wrong with that. He grinned at her. His eyes were dark. So was his skin. Perhaps he was a Latino. Would you like to inspect it, Mr Bruno boss? Her eyelashes flickered like those of a butterfly in spring. She slowly turned and dropped the robe. Bruno inhaled deeply, like he was running out of oxygen. It was perfect. Her ass was round and her hips wide. Bruno grabbed her right butt cheek slowly with one hand and let his fingers run over her pussy, and then he continued to her asshole. It was tight. Her vagina was very wet now. He had already dropped his pants and his cock was ultra hard. He grabbed Marie by the hair and then spread her ass. Slowly, he penetrated her pussy while fingering her clit with his spare hand. Marie felt Bruno enter her and moaned. He was very big. Fucking big. So big, she screamed. His cock was as warm as a volcano, and she was lit. He slammed deeper into her pussy. Got damn tight pussy. He was panting. Her breasts were firm and small. He grabbed one of them and squeezed it. Marie let out a scream. Fuck me Bruno. You animal. You fucking animal. Give me the cock. Fuck me harder. Bruno turned her and lifted her. Then he let her slide down on his cock. She grabbed his short hair and her eyes rolled while she pumped up and down on his cock. Suddenly, she started to spasm. Her vagina shivered like a leaf and then the pussy juice started dripping down on the floor. Her multi orgasms had begun to rock her body. Bruno could feel the vagina grip his dick and he kept thrusting like a wild animal. He roared and intensified his grip on her ass. He was slamming her on his cock now. And then he came and their juices mixed.

Marie arrived hours later in the small restaurant in Convent Garden. Her friends were already there. After the first shots were consumed, one of her friends, Adriana, clinked her wine glass. Listen up ladies. I have a new boyfriend, and he is arriving in minutes. He is from Chile but speaks perfect English. He is really nice, so be cool, ok? The girls chatted away and Marie relaxed. Her body felt great. It was a long time ago since she had been fucked like that. Bruno was indeed her erotic santa. She giggled inside. Marie was thinking about his cock when a man in a suit stopped by their table and said in his smooth voice.

Hello ladies, I am Bruno. Merry X-mas...