Book Of The Month - September 2021

Updated: Jan 10

Sexy Stories Series - Follow Me Darkly - By Helen Hardt

book of the month, helen hardt, sexy stories

The summer is almost gone in parts of our strange world and the winter is slowly creeping up on us. As the temperature drops, what could be better than to huddle up under warm blankets and disappear into a sensual, romantic world filled with mysterious characters and hot sex!


Follow me Darkly is a sensual page turner that takes you on a journey into the life of Skye

book of the month, helen hardt

Manning, a sharp photographer who finds herself inadvertently swept off her feet by the sexy billionaire Braden Black, a man with erotic drive and a mysterious past.

The characters are intense and the narration is good, creating the right background and suspense with spicy hot mystique, sexual tension and arousal.

You will get horny and entertained by this novel and that is a perfect combo for foreplay!

Check It Out!

book of the month, helen hardt