Bilderberg Meeting | Chapter 13

Updated: Jan 7

John Martin looked at the sms from his daughter: Going into the lion's den on 2 of june at 1800. Maison de Maître. I need your old Bilderberg ring now! He slowly went over jewelry drawer and opened it. A wide variety of watches, cufflinks and other gems shined back at him. Hidden further in the back was a silver ring. He picked it up and looked at the golden snake that seemed to come alive when touched. He still remembered the old days when things had been so much fun. The day he had been approached to join the Bilderbergs was still vivid and clear in his mind. Since 1954, a discrete and select group of wealthy and powerful individuals had attended a private, yearly conference to discuss matters of their choice. The Bilderberg group represented European and North American elites, as well as new talent and rising stars, from the world's politics, business, media, academia, the military and even royalty, and has included household names such as Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger and even Prince Philip. In recent years their number had featured David Cameron, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, Bill Clinton and David Rockefeller. These were the Bilderbergs. The group was named after the hotel where their secret gatherings had been for the first time. John Martin had met these people and knew some of their secrets. He had not however, attended any meetings at Maison de Maître. But he had a pretty good idea of the events that were in store for his daughter. She was not a celeb and perhaps this could actually work? He grinded through the eventualities and possible outcomes in his mind for a while. Then he made his decision. He answered his daughter's sms: Will send the ring ASAP! Wear a posh dress and bring a party mask. Arrive in a limo. You will understand when you get there. Do not interact with others unless it is unavoidable. Observe and then leave when you have gathered intel. Do not speak to Chantelle Devinox. Lela Martin was reading the sms and then put on a mask. She was on foot after leaving her car and made sure to maintain good distance to the other people around her. None of the people around her wore a protective mask. Idiots! She grimaced. The French and their stupid pride. The summer rain was annoying and she moved rapidly through the streets that were packed with people. The Covid-19 cases had started to explode in Paris and she could not wait to leave France. She would leave the city at least as soon as this little shopping was done. She entered Sando Paris and quickly decided on a short blue tweed dress. Then she proceeded on to 1 avenue Alphand and entered Au Bal Masqué Paris. Lela decided on a black mask with silver embroidments and then went back to her car. It was now nine o'clock in the afternoon and she proceeded to drive towards the charming small town of Arthez de Béarn. The drive took her eight hours and 30 minutes. It was 05.30 in the morning and the sun had just started to rise when she checked in at the Domaine de la Carrère and was greeted by a lively young French woman who made sure to accommodate her and made Lela re access the service in France in general. Her suite was the colour of light vanilla cream and the bed was comfortable. Lela fell asleep minutes later with her clothes on. When she awoke, her watch showed two o'clock. She ate a continental breakfast in bed and then showered. Then, she snuggled into a pink bikini that did not leave much to the imagination, went downstairs and continued outside to the swimming pool. The sky was very blue and it was very warm. This would be the first day of a heatwave that would last for months in this region of France. Lela Martin ordered a vodka straight from the polite waiter, then laid back in the long resting chair and covered her eyes with a sun hat. Her tanned body was something to behold and more than three men stopped and took in the beautiful woman that was casually resting by the blue swimming pool. She rested for one hour. Had several more drinks, entered the swimming pool and swam lengths for half an hour. She was feeling refreshed and went through the upcoming events in her head. She knew her father had arranged a limousine. Probably something over the top. She knew her father's habits well. He had style, but preferred the old school. Hell. The man was old school. She loved him dearly though. Her mind started going towards the memories of her mother but she quickly pushed them away. It was too painful. She focused on the matters at hand. Then she returned to her suite and bathed. She washed every inch of her body and used a soothing body lotion to cool down her skin. The make up was suttle. She wanted to look like she belonged among the Bilderbergs but she did not want to stand out too much. All this was of course pure nonsense. Lela Martin stood out from any crowd no matter where she went. She possessed a rare elegance that made all her movements flow like silk. Apart from her beauty, it was clear to anyone with half a brain that she had class. She tied her long black hair up in a bun. Then she got her nails done in purple and added the perfume from Chanel. Classic and elegant. That was what her image showed when Lela was all dressed in the new suit. Her shoes were from Bottega Venta, Madame pumps in beige. The gold earrings were basic. She added the last detail. A tiny pink silk scarf from Gucci. At Quarter to six she was ready. She was wearing the Bilderberg ring on her left index finger. It was a smooth ring. The golden snake had big fangs that seemed to bite down on it's own tail. Bilderbergs indeed. She would collect the intel and get the fuck out of there. They probably all had the Covid anyway. But she was curious of this group of people though. Her father had been one of them for years. This did not surprise her at all. Her brother Leif on the other hand.. Well he was a bit of a prude. Always had been. Silver spoon up the ass and so on. She was more like her father. Leif had inherited some of his mother's weakness. Her smart phone told her that the limo had arrived. She picked up the silver purse from Michael Kors, added a small revolver with a silencer and a knife. On top of it she put a pack of cigarettes and a very tiny bottle of vodka. The limo ride took only ten minutes just like she knew it would. She downed the vodka and put the mask on her face. The Maison de Maître was beautiful and she knew the layout. The courtyard around its three separate buildings: the four bedroom Maison de Maître, a two bedroom Guest Cottage or Gîte with a private garden, a large Home Office building with adjoining Gym and a building with six stables. Previously serving as an Equestrian Estate an indoor arena, with a further four stables and an indoor horse shower, is situated within approximately 500m from the courtyard. Also set privately within the grounds, was a very large swimming pool with a pretty pool house. An outdoor horse training arena, 3 horse shelters: fenced pastureland and a block of woodland completed this 49 acres estate.

Lela was not that impressed. She had grown up with luxury but she liked the layout of the grounds. It was beautiful. A servant opened the limousine door and she stepped out of the car gracefully. Her long legs shone in the lingering rays of sun. There were no other people around except a tall man that was waiting by the entrance door. He looked at her ring and then opened the door. As she entered the Main Building another servant took her over to a small bar. She ordered her classic preference in Vodka and then was told to follow the servant. They entered another big wooden door that then led downwards on some kind of gravel trail. Finally they reached the bottom of the trail and the servant opened the door. She entered a big chapel on the second floor. People were gathered all the way round the railing and were looking down at the floor beneath. Everyone was wearing masks. I hope this is not some Eyes Wide Shut bullshit, Lela thought to herself. She went over to the railing and looked down. There was a table four meters below from where she was standing, with ten people seated around it. All of these people also wore masks. They were talking loudly amongst one another but then suddenly a big Asian hit a small gong with a silver hammer. As the silence fell, Lela took in her surroundings. It was a complete underground church. The walls were covered with art that she recognized as masterpieces from Goya, Rembrandt and Picasso. The dark blue velvet banners had been added as layers on the walls. The stone floor beneath her was all white with roman numerals. The mahogany table that the ten people were seated around, was covered with bottles of wine and other delights. She quickly counted the people in the church. It was about fifty. Then a very clear voice spoke. Let's get down to business. The next hour she watched and listened as plans were discussed, dismissed or seconded. These plans would alter the state of the world. Lela was flabbergasted. These so called leaders of the world just mapped, carved and divided the riches of the world between themselves like it was a game of Monopoly. If half of what she had heard would really happen the world would have only one currency, one bank and one religion. Suddenly the topic changed. A woman took over from the previous speaker. Her voice was low and husky. This brings us to the last agenda. The Covid situation. The current good vaccines that are being developed are the following: Pfizer, Corona Vac, Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna. These are all controlled by us. However there is one more that is now being revised and that is the Nexus. This vaccine is a game changer. John Martin has bought up every place on earth where this substance is to be found and now controls it all. He did this right under our noses and with help from China who just doesn't know it yet. USA also knows. The current president there, as you all know, is a lunatic and stupid. Our efforts to sway him have been fruitless. This Nexus substance has been rumored to be able to cure Covid in a day. And not just Covid-19, mind you. ALL mutation strains. The speaker paused while the people around mumbled. We do not think John Martin should be allowed to control this. We have decided to take it from him. More mumbling from the people around the room followed. The storage of the Nexus is kept somewhere in Berlin. We have not been able to detect where yet, but there is only a matter of time before we will have that information. Number ten is currently working on this. He will keep us updated with his reports. Thank you all. Enjoy the evening. The Bilderberg group started to talk but Lela was frozen for a moment. Then she went over to the nearest waiter and grabbed a glass of champagne. She smoked slowly and then decided to leave. When she walked upwards the same path as she had done previously, at the top there was a man standing in front of it. I am leaving Lela snapped. Step aside. I don't think so, the man said and showed his large gun inside his dinner jacket. Lela smiled at him. Don't you know who I am? Move aside now! The man did not respond. Alright then. She opened her purse and took out another cigarette with one hand while the other grabbed the small revolver. She fired through the purse and into the man's groin. The silencer made the gunshot sound like a champagne cork popping and she kicked the falling body of the man aside, opened the doors and walked quickly while she called the limo driver. Be ready. I am coming now. We need to hustle. She had almost reached the limo when she heard comotion behind her. She kicked off the shoes and sprinted the last meters and entered the limo. The driver was alert and they sped away. In the church the chaos was monumental but suddenly the voice of the last speaker cut through the noise. Silence. She will be dealt with swiftly. We will put an expert on this job. She will soon be eliminated!